Examination Fiasco in Bihar

Once again the education system of Bihar has been brought into limelight and put to interrogation over the competency of students, soon after the results of Intermediate examinations were declared on Tuesday. Two topper students of Vishun Dev Ray College have reported some questionable topics taught in college. The interviews of these two toppers from Arts and Science streams went viral on Tuesday which showed that they lack even the basic knowledge about their subjects. Ruby Ray, who topped the inter in Arts stream pronounced ‘Political Science’ as ‘Prodigal Science’ and claimed to be taught cooking, describing that the is subject related to cookery. Saurabh Sresth, who topped the inter in Science stream didn’t know about the electrons and protons and told the interviewers that Aluminum (Al) is the most reactive element in the Periodic Table.

Embarrassed by this media exposure of education quality in Bihar the Education Minister Ashok Chaudhary has ordered a high-level probe into the alleged swapping of original answer sheets with probably similar hand-written answer sheets and well-written answer sheets. The probe will be completed in 10 days, and persons, teachers involved and found guilty will be dismissed from their government jobs, reported The Times of India. Also other fourteen students who topped Class 12 exams to take re-tests, as the results showed a major dip in the pass percentage which the education committee promptly attributed to clampdown of using unfair means but after the interviews of the toppers of Vishun Dev Ray College, reports of mass cheating backed by a section in the education department have surfaced, reported Hindustan Times. The results therefore, as of now are put to hold since the marks scored and knowledge demonstrated by the students are failing to connect. Ruby and Saurabh are subjected to re-write the test and interview before a panel of subject experts today on June 3.

The reported college in question is run by Baccha Ray, who is a political member of Lalu Prasad’s political party. In 2014, his daughter Shalini Ray had also scored 97 percent in her 10th Board exams. This college had made to the headlines of news in the previous year too, when 220 students of Science stream had scored exactly same marks. It is been found that the students coming for admission in this college are guaranteed best scores in exams beforehand. Also this college’s fee is ten times more than the other colleges. An Official on query told the reporters that high fees is due to definite good results in exams. Though the head of college, Baccha Ray, expunges the news and said that the good results are an outcome of good education, Education Minister admitted the lapse hence the board, along with the teachers and institutions will be held accountable.

Photographs of hundreds of people scaling walls of a Bihar school building to help students cheat in the Class 10 board exams last year had left the nation gaping in disbelief and raised question marks over the education system in the State and now yet once again this fiasco has sullied the image of State. Education Minister Ashok Chaudhary has expressed that this is setback since the State government had hoped to successfully conduct cheating-free exams to erase the bad reports of previous year.

Repeated events of this sort are raising questions like, is the education imparted by Bihar board at all reliable for young students? If not, then isn’t the board taking any consideration in shaping the future of the students or just trifling with it? Are the toppers supposed to be like the toppers of Vishun Dev Ray College? Altogether, the main question raised is that, can the education quality be banked upon the entire examination committee of education department of Bihar? Well, so far no answers have been found. But despite the debacle the state assures the morale of genuine teachers and students will not fail.