We all try to get into shape and to jump right to the point it is about sex. Actually is it about the ability to have great sex. Now fitness is mostly correlated to men but the fact is fit women can also enjoy sex if she is fit. Sex itself is a very healthy form of exercise because when we are doing it we are releasing endorphins in our body which makes us happy.

Here are some tips to improve your sex life

Simple cardio

This is a very simple exercise and all you need is a good pair of running shoes and place you could go for a run. This is the best way to make your heart muscles strong and makes your arteries more flexible. This allows the blood to easily flow through your veins and it leads to stronger erection and this applies to women also.

Weight training

One does not have build muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger but visiting gym on a regular basis can build more testosterone which leads to healthy heart and better blood flow. Also weight training gives better muscle tone and shape to your body which adds to your confidence.


This is also very effective form to improve body strength and make your body more flexible. If you want to enjoy some sex positions which requires upper body strength or more use of back and leg muscles then regular Calisthenics can give more power to your body, reduce fatigue and makes you more flexible.


If you know how to swim then nothing like it because this is one form of exercises which can be fun and strenuous at the same time. When you got for a swim all your body parts are put into motion and you can work all your muscles. Also swimming helps you develop better breathing technique which is very important when you are having sex because it is all about breathing.

One can choose do one of these exercises or just a combination of all, but the fact remains when you are fit you are found to be more appealing to the opposite sex. Also your self confidence gets a major boost which reflects in your personality. When our body is treated with respect the end result is happiness for us. Also regular exercise gives us more stamina which leads to more sack time. When you have stamina you increase your staying power immeasurably and longer it lasts more enjoyable the experience.