Flirting With Islam

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, even in US. This is definitely shocking and mind-engaging too. After the 9/11, when living a life of peace in US is becoming difficult for Muslim people as everyone is viewed in doubt and threat, the sudden growth of Islam certainly startles the mind. Various well-established terror groups that have harmed the society and shook the world with pain, loss and agony in different parts of the world have been identified to be Islam followers. I’m not commenting, neither I am generalising anything. Just simple statistics and stark reality indeed.

Surprisingly, this era is witness to maximum number of people who has converted to Islam. By far, many eminent personalities have converted to Islam. Mohammad Ali, a world class boxer, Janet Jackson, Mike Tyson, Felixia Yeap, Liam Neeson and Akon are some of the personalities who have switched to Islam as religion and, therefore, are practising it whole-heartedly.


We have come across news on various people converting to Islam, but who never did so as of now. Let us have a quick glance at all those people who have been in limelight due to their attraction and possibility of conversion to Islam.


  • WINSTON CHURCHILL: The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, one of the most influential men of his time thought of converting to Islam. In 1907, his future sister-in-law Lady Gwendoline wrote to him in a passionately worded letter, “Please don’t become converted to Islam. I have noticed in your disposition a tendency to orientalise (fascination with the Orient and Islam), Pasha-like tendencies, I really have.”

He was highly enthusiastic about Islam, so high that he and his friend Wilfrid S. Blunt- a poet and supporter of Muslim causes- often dressed in Arab outfit.

Many often said that he considered Islam and Christianity as one and the same, ruling the probability of his conversion.

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Lindsay Lohan

  • Lindsay Lohan: An American actress, model, singer, songwriter and director, this woman was seen carrying a leather-bound copy of the Koran on her same day of community service- prompting speculation that she has converted into Islam. But she hasn’t fully converted into Islam, as per sources. She calls herself open- minded, mentioning that her sister is a stringent follower of Buddhism as a result of walking her footsteps. Her love for their language has initiated the move to know their culture. It is definitely clear that she wouldn’t convert until and unless she completes reading the Koran, according to her own statement.

Not among the above examples, but recently Brad Pitt’s heroine Angelina Jolie slamped Donald Trump for Anti- Muslim comments. In his speech, Trump made a controversial statement of temporarily banning Muslims in the US as Syrians fled their war-torn motherland in the numbers unbelievable. The face of refugee re-allocation campaigns Angelina Jolie disapproved of such anti- racial comment, which of course counts as an answer for humanity. But as it goes, different people have different opinions, some people are viewing it as her favour for Islam.

 Yet, all in all, the continuous switch and favour towards Islam is growing tremendously.


This is actually perplexing. But the question that stands in front of us is what suddenly caused such a swing?

This is a typical question that is difficult to answer.

Let us ponder over at a different story for a while. Here are some unheard facts about The Quran.

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THE QURAN INCLUDES INSTRUCTIONS FOR ITS OWN SPREAD: This holy book tells its followers that they must spread Islam as much as possible. Spreading Islam is the ultimate victory of the teachings.

IT LAYS DOWN INSTRUCTIONS FOR ITS OWN PRESERVATION, PROTECTION AND DUPLICATION: Next time when you come across a strict follower of principles know that he is doing what is actually written in his holy book. The Quran itself calls for its protection and prohibits any change that is thought to be made with the changing world.

ISLAM FOCUSES ON CREATING A GOVERNMENT THAT FOLLOWS IT: The religion follows on giving privilege to a government who is the stringent Islam follower for optimum spread and circulation of the culture.

PERMISSION TO SPREAD THE RELIGION BY WAR: Even a war is righteous in the name of Islam. The war which is deemed to result in the spread of Islam is encouraged.

RIGHT TO POLYGAMY: All Islam males have the right to marry multiple women for production of more soldiers and consequently, increase in Islam population.

Islam is ordered to spread vastly by the ‘ALLAH’, as Muslims take it. So, in order to follow the advice of the Supreme power, there has to be a way out and that is what is happening. Here is a startling statement by Akon, a famous singer, who said that one woman cannot satisfy any man. Even the man living in this century has believed this theory and made such a public statement, undoubtedly, he has faith in Islam.


Let us not go into any further details, because believe me, there is no answer that can explain the logic behind the growing trend. One explanation that may work is- it is an individual’s choice and preference. Accept it- right to religion is the fundamental right of all humans.