How poverty impacts Education in India?

Poverty and Education are deeply rooted. Higher the people living below the poverty line, lower will be the literacy rate and hence bleak future.


The government is continuously taking up initiatives to eradicate Poverty from our country and to provide compulsory education to all.


But even after so many efforts students drop out from schools. Poverty affects them in a number of ways, often they stop going to schools so they can work and support their families which further throws them in this ditch called poverty.This might help their family at that point in time but they will find themselves struggling years later due to this loss and the cycle of poverty repeats.


Also, Due to living in such adverse conditions these little impressionable minds indulge in wrong habits and often lack morals and they end up making their own future dark.


The only solution to this problem is education. Education is the only way out of poverty. One of the beautiful quotes by Aristotle says that "The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet" and I couldn't agree more. Yes, they might have to suffer from some financial problems in the process but this is the only way to improve not only their own conditions but also provide good standards of living to their coming generation.


Education might not make them rich but it can definitely get them a job and make them earn a living for themselves and their family to fulfill their needs.


To help the society in overcoming this problem Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti is trying to offer a helping hand.

To brief-

* Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti is an all-India registered socio-spiritual and charitable organization having centers all across India (inspired by Shri Satpal Maharaj ji)

* M.U.S.S. has been continuously working to promote goodwill and harmony in the society through dissemination of spiritual knowledge.

* Last year, that took a very serious and important initiative with the name "Mission Education".


Why have they taken up this initiative? 

Mission Education Banner

As we are well aware that in spite of the adoption of 'Mission Mode' to universalize elementary education, the dropout rate in schools continues to be high. The Indian government, in its mission to universalize elementary education, has over the years been able to increase the rate of enrollment but has been unable to arrest the dropout rate due to impediments. Only 47 of the 100 children enrolled in Class I reach Class VIII, putting the dropout rate in primary and elementary schools at 52.79%. Dropout rates are even more alarming at the elementary level (Class I to VIII) where 53.45% of girls and 52.28% of boys drop out of school.

The studies show that the compelling factor behind these dropouts are mostly the lack of amenities/stationery for the children to continue schools.


From their drive and initiative, they intend to help these kids and motivate them to abstain from dropouts.

How is Mission Education going to achieve this?

Mission Education team will place a drop box in the donor schools i.e. schools where students are well off. Students can donate stationary items like pen, pencil, notebook and whatever they can but not the cash.

In the meantime, their team will scan for underprivileged schools and donate them the material along with the donors.

What is their objective behind "MISSION EDUCATION"?


The objectives of this effort are:

  • To extend basic education essentials to the underprivileged children/students/schools.
  • To inculcate the desire to share and help the needy among our children.
  • The basic motive of education is character development, right? By helping those students they are in a way planting a seed of virtue in the future of the nation.
  • They are developing their character by instilling values of generosity and brotherhood.

According to Aristotle, eudemonia is more than just a pleasurable hedonic experience; eudemonia is a state in which an individual experiences happiness from the successful performance of their moral duties. We desire that our next generation lives by this.

When did they start and what have they achieved till date?

They started off in November 2015 and till November 2016 i.e. within one year they were able to install 850+ boxes all over India and 1 lakh 48 thousand 665 students benefitted from this initiative.

School On Wheels by Mission Education:

On Nov. 2016, Mission Education has started School on Wheels at four centers in Delhi.

Mission Education has started School on Wheels at four centre in Delhi


For more details on Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti, you can log on to www.manavdharam.org


Article Writer: Ritul Sharma


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