There is a call from the new caliphate which was formed recently in Iraq and Syria for all true Sunni believers to come and join the fight for Islam. Call like this has been made earlier also in different parts of the world and Afghanistan is one country where fighters from Middle East and Central Asia came to fight for Al Qaeda. But in all this fighting and incessant loss of life and destruction of communities, a new call of duty has emerged. It is called the Islamic Brides for Jihadists who are part of Islamic State (IS).


Let us be reasonable and try to understand the perspective of all the men who are fighting in Iraq and Syria in the dream of creating a perfect and pious Islamic state. Sex is a natural human urge which is built-in from the moment we are born and the desire to procreate is perhaps the strongest human emotion of all. To achieve this objective one would need a woman (hopefully a willing participant) and in the battlefield presumably there will be shortage, hence the call for Muslim women to serve god and become a wife of a Jihadist.

So how to fill this shortage, the answer is to make a genuine call for all the Muslim women who will have the honor of becoming the wife of a jihadist and in the process serve God and Islam. This call of duty has attracted many women who have surprisingly come from the west which must have baffled experts. West is the cradle for women to break boundaries and have equal footing with men, then why would these girls; many of them in their teens left a life of freedom and choice to become a wife of a man who most probably suffers from morbid suicidal tendency and considers martyrdom as the ultimate gift for God and Islam.

Let’s face the facts, the condition of women under the Taliban was no picnic but the jihadists in Middle East have taken brutality to new levels which even Al Qaeda thinks is too extreme. So if this is the case why would anyone want to be part of this madness? Why and especially women would voluntarily join them? These questions are very difficult to answer, but one thing is clear these Jihadist sure know how to use Social Media to attract these females.

Many of these girls are in an impressionable age and suffer from identity crises of faith and culture and the campaign which the IS is running is just about right to reach these maladjusted young women. Come to think of it, the strategy is not that dissimilar to the one which helps them get so many fighters from all over the world. This Holy War gives them purpose and many of these girls who are lost not knowing what their purpose in life is and find this environment appealing.

It is ironic that the so called Jihad Brides volunteers do not come from any of the Islamic countries and the reason for that is very simple, they know what is stored for them. The women will probably never see any combat and the priority will always will be to serve their Husbands Needs which many women who live in Middle East or else where are already fulfilling. They probably know what fate would greet them if they decided to become a Jihad Bride and also ifthey ran away from home they will be summarily executed by their own family. Because good Muslim girls do not run away from home.

Hence the drive to get women from the Europe and America who would be better suited for this purpose. These girls will serve Allah by marrying the ISIS fighters and bear children which is their primary duty. So what happens when a fighter dies, will his wife be remarried to another fighter or will she also have to blow herself in a suicide mission? Probably she would be married off to another fighter to serve his need and bear his children (why waste). At this rate a women could end up marrying several men because of the occupational hazards of becoming a wife of a jihadist and give birth to several children from different men which is biologically good but physiologically has to be traumatic.

Since the interpretation of Islam by IS is as twisted as a pretzel, there are many legal means within Islam wherein a man could enter into a temporary marriage and in the Sunni version it is called the Misyar or traveler’s marriage. This is practiced in Sunni majority countries, specifically Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria. But even this form of marriage has rules which would be conveniently forgotten and will be used as a legal justification to have sex, since fornication outside of marriage is forbidden. Wonder how the jihad bride would feel when she could be wife to several men in a short period. Perhaps the Misyar will come into play since it is simple and legal. Get married have sex for few hours or days and then the man divorces his so called wife and off he goes on his merry way for martyrdom by blowing himself.

Also what sort of people are these men who call themselves true Muslims, who capture helpless and hapless Yazidi women or any non believer and forcefully convert them to Islam or sell them into sex slavery for money.  The men who fight for IS are nothing but human traffickers, who profit from selling flesh all in the name of religion and by committing this crime bring disrepute to Muslims all over the world.

The men who die fighting for Islam will be granted 72 virgins but what happens to the women who die for the love of Jihad? It is very simple she will become the queen of all virgins i.e. her husband will still get his cake and eat it too. How undignified is this whole believe system that even in afterlife women are still sexual objects and the sad part is nowhere in the Quran this concept of 72 virgins is mentioned.

But the irony is many Jihadi brides think it is ok for their husbands to have sex slaves because they are following the path of the Prophet himself and it is permitted in Islam on the grounds of “Sunnah” or the teachings of Mohamed. I wonder what will be the plight of these Jihad Brides be because sooner or later the noose will get tighten around the neck of IS fighters and it is possible the same courtesy which the IS extended to so many women could very well be extended to these Jihadi brides.