India shoots down mission Shakti in a significant breakthrough

The 1st phase of Lok Sabha elections in India are due to take place in a span of two weeks and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has surprised the nation by announcing on Wednesday.  He said that India has now become a space power in exact terms as it successfully shot a low-earth-orbit satellite 300km from the earth. This led to the successful completion of mission Shakti in just three minutes of its launch. The prime minister further added that this mission was a very complex one as it required enormous speed with remarkable precision. Our scientists were able to attain this which depicts the extraordinary dexterity of Indian scientists and their success in space programmes.

The reaction to this achievement amongst the people has been a positive one while the political parties are busy in campaigning there election strategy. Heartfelt wishes have been sent to the Indian scientists by Union minister Nitin Gadkari. He congratulated all the scientists for carrying out the mission Shakti in a successful manner. He further added that India is fast moving towards becoming a global leader under the leadership of our PM. In a matter of a few years, it will not only achieve the title of 'super economic power' but also of 'super science power.'

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala welcomed the step and mentioned that the project was initiated during their tenure. He further added “India has been at the forefront in the arena of space technology. It is all possible because of the vision laid by Pandit Nehru & Vikram Sarabhai. It is a proud moment for India”. With this step, India has made an entry into the elite club of nations which can knock off satellites in space. It should also be noted that only three countries in the world have this capacity –China, USA, and Russia. The launch of this SAT missile is sure to strengthen the overall security and progress of India.

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However, this step seems to go against India’s past sayings that the outer space should not act as a frontier for peace and should not be militarized. To this, Union minister Nitin Gadkari has clarified that “this strategy is not against any nation rather India has always been against the weapons in outer space. There has been no change in this notion and today's action has not violated any law or bilateral agreement”. On account of the recent issues with Pakistan, the PM was also quick to point out that “with this launch, the motive of  India is not to indulge in any war but to spread peace.”

However, there is still an absence of clarity that which Indian missile was altered into ASAT weapon, but the DRDO team has the presence of its radars, sensors, and missiles for such missions. It is also to be noted that space weapons which are what actually an ASAT is first got its share of fame during Strategic Defense Initiative that was pioneered in the early 1980s and nicknamed as Star Wars by the US president Ronald Reagan. The gravity of this news was yet to sink in social media as Twitter feeds cracked jokes about how Pakistan and Indian people feared Demonetization 2.0 but later felt a sigh of relief.