Politicians are the only breed of people who can say some of the most ridiculous, slanderous, scandalous and at times downright debatable statement and get away with it in India. On the contrary, if a common man says anything which brings a tinge of bitterness in the mouth of overtly sensitive palate then all hell breaks loose, bones are crushed, public property destroyed and unnecessary cases are filed for in India our politicians know how to dish it out but petulant when criticized. Samajwadi Party is one political party known for making crude, snide and outrageous statements and the latest one made by Azam Khan is an absolute height of egregiousness and mockery of Indian Sensitivities. Azam Khan is an embodiment of obnoxious eccentricity.

The man is perfect candidate to stand on top of a soap box and just rant without thinking. His latest salvo to make Taj Mahal a proud Monument of India become the property of the Waqf board since it is a tomb in which two Muslims are buried. Though we in India consider the Taj as a national treasure but even if we let this silly diatribe slide but the next comment was a slap on the face of all Indians. When asked the question how the birthday celebration of Samajwadi Supremo Netaji Mulayam Singh Yadav was being financed? His answer “it is being funded by the Taliban and Dawood Ibrahim.”  Now in his defense he thinks it was just a joke. But to all those who lost their lives in 1993 Mumbai blast in which hundreds died, somehow it will not bring joy to anyone’s face. And to top it all he dragged Taliban, a group sworn to destroy our nation. Also tonight @9 the entire nation will bear the brunt of Arnub Goswami who will tear into which ever poor soul representing Samajwadi Party and it would be fun to see what creative defense they come up with justifying Azam Khan’s insightful remarks and the funds to celebrate a politician’s birthday at the expense of Tax payers.

A while back Jaya Bachchan the esteemed actor and leading politician of Samajwadi Party made a very poignant remark that politicians should not be subject to ridicule and satire and Arnub Goswami had a field day and led a very amorous discussion on his show. But would Jaya Bachchan, our representative to our upper house (Rajya Sabha), or back room entry for politicians who do not have the ability to win elections agree the statement made by Azam Khan was grossly inappropriate. Or the proverbial right of our politicians to say anything applies here or I was misquoted and the media blow it out of proportion will be applied.

Either way he will get away, but after gathering the wits of reasoning, I am glad Azam Khan made this outrageous remark in the forefront of Mulayam Singh Yadav’s birthday celebration and lest we forget one of the attraction will be the special horse drawn ‘Victorian buggy' hired from London in which His Highness, The Venerable Leader of people Mulayam Singh Yadav will travel and gently wave his hand to the masses and forgetting all the problems faced by the most populous state in India. Instead of solving the problems of law and order in Utter Pradesh they will cut a 75 foot long obnoxiously extravagant cake while many in the state sleep in hungry slumber. We must be grateful to a apathetic person like Azam Khan who makes us look foolish and hopefully it would wake our inner conscious and never allow someone like him or his party of egregious leaders be elected ever again.