Former Military General and President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf said in a television interview that Pakistan needed to “Incite” the people of Kashmir according to Press Trust of India. Musharraf who is out on bail pending treason charge these days was speaking to a Pakistan based news channel when he made this statement.

He gave the interview in Urdu and said “we have what it takes to provoke the people of Kashmir.” This is the same man who was the architect of Kargil Conflict which he himself admitted and according to him was the right thing to do.

He also said “Pak army was more than capable of fighting a war in two fronts,” and “as  a Muslim he does not feel it is right to be slapped on the face and turn the other cheek and Pakistan must give a very fitting reply to India.” It is quite ironic it is the same man who once said “Islam teaches tolerance, not hatred; universal brotherhood, not enmity; peace, and not violence.” He also talked about building Pakistan’s internal strength and then no one would challenge Pakistan.

He called Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “Anti Muslim” and he is “Anti Pakistan.” According to him it was wrong for PM Nawaz Sharif to travel to India to attend Mr. Modi’s swearing in ceremony and it was undignified on the part of the Pakistan PM.

These comments are clearly meant for his domestic audience and a very pathetic attempt to disregard, Isolate and dilute Nawaz Sharif’s government who many believe want to reinvigorate Pakistan’s beleaguered economy. He is clearly doing this because in the last few weeks Pakistan has suffered diplomatically at the United Nations, with visiting American delegation and finally it had no choice but to cease border violation at the International border after Indian security forces gave a very ferocious response which has surprised the Pakistan Army.

Pervez Musharraf is known for making outrageous statements and comments all the time and just two weeks ago he said India is testing Pakistan Army’s “patience and resolve”. But one thing is clear India must remain very vigilant otherwise we could have ourselves another Kargil because internally Pakistan is right now in a very desperate position.