Having gay sex in India is a crime but does this also mean being gay in India is also a crime even if you do not in indulge in court certified unnatural sex? it has been one whole year since homosexuality was criminalized again.  According to judgment given by the Indian Supreme Court one can interpret this as a prelude to maybe even more stringent laws prohibiting Homosexuality. Many countries are implementing tough laws like Russia, and then is it not possible in India. The earlier ruling by Delhi High court, de-criminalizing gay sex was over turned. How can we stand to see an archaic law being implemented throughout our country when according to our constitution all citizens enjoy the same rights and freedom? This law which was enacted by the British during the Victorian times is totally outdated by modern standards. But the question is how many people have been arrested for gay sex in India? Has there been any high profile arrest in recent times? How the government plans to implement and enforce this law? These are very serious questions which the leaders of this nation have to pounder over.

Now the Supreme Court over turned the ruling by Delhi High court, decriminalizing homosexuality and said that it is up to the law makes i.e. the parliament to correct his oversight. And we all know how they are going to act. Ok there are many politicians who support the de-criminalization of Homosexuality, but none have the courage to repel this law. Political survival is more important than violating ones basic human right. Never mind our leaders have more than one wife, but that should be considered as manly. It is ok for our leaders to have sex with call girls and have mistresses and watch porn while during assembly sessions. It is ok to make derogatory statement about woman, rape victims and sexual assault victims. It is ok because that is men being men. Or in the words of Mulayam singh Yadav Boys will be Boys. But if homosexuality is decriminalized maybe god will smite us with his rage because god only loves people who are straight.

Now he is not the only leader to make such disturbing statements, there are many more. Mostly the religious right of any and every religion condemns homosexuality. The so called custodians of our moral values have never missed the opportunity to jump on the gay bashing bandwagon and offer ways of cures and absolution. It is so good to see our religious leaders coming together under one roof and projecting a united front. This is Indian secularism at its best. It is good to see the country unite.

But it is important to answer the questions raised earlier. How to control this menace? Should we start arresting anyone who looks gay, because it may not that difficult? Is it ok to publicly humiliate and beat a gay person because it will be not considered a hate crime. Should we tell on our neighbor? Should our society become the “Big Brother”? If that is what is going to happen then there is no point calling ourselves a democratic and a secular nation. How can we stand and watch a group of people being persecuted for who they are. Homosexuality is not fashion statement, nor is it some kind of western conspiracy or a mental illness. It is a human reality and we must do everything to include and embrace them.

There are for more important issues to deal in this country, like rape and other social inequalities. Our society is spiraling out of control with frequent and horrible cases of sexual assaults on girls and woman. We need to address issue of poverty and increase the literacy rate. Millions in this country still face starvation and the population is getting out of hand. At this rate we are going to be the most populist      country on earth by 2025. It has been now one year since homosexuality was criminalized by our courts and a law created in a forgone Victorian era is still making the lives of so many law abiding citizens hell.  These are the serious issues which our government needs to address and must rise above politics and ideology instead discriminate and terrorize gay people who are a fraction of our population using section 377 of the Indian penal code a law even those who created do not find any use.