No cell phone for teenage girls in UP

In what could be called a knee jerk reaction, a group in the State of Utter Pradesh have banned mobile phones to stop the spread of “Love Jihad,” according to Times of India. Akhil Bharitiya Vaishya Ekta Parishad (ABVEP), a committee of vaishyas (traders by caste), have taken this drastic steps to ban the use of mobile phones for school-going girls and teenagers, starting with Agra.

The sad part is that the so called Love Jihad phenomenon has taken a very serious political turn with the participation of Union Minister for micro, small and medium enterprises, Kalraj Mishra will certainly add more fuel to this issue. The reason given to implement this ban was to ensure young girls do not fall prey to a particular community which anyone with an average intelligence would know who they are talking about, plus the term Love Jihad is a dead giveaway.

ABEVP national president Sumant Gupta said such things (mobiles, internet) lead young minds to fall in the "love jihad" trap. We are saddened and alarmed by the rising numbers of such cases in the state, especially when vaishya girls are involved. We have no option but to take precautions."

He further added "We will convince them politely, with love. There will be no pressure or force. Karate training will be given to girls so they can protect themselves from anti-social elements and love jihadis."

But ban of cell phones could also have adverse affect because this device can be used by young people to talk with each other, no matter which religion they belong to, mobile phones also act as a safety device in case of emergency. This issue will further add distrust among communities and create civil discord.