Going back to office can be a bit of a problem for woman after giving birth because for a baby or even a small child the change of environment and faces can be very unsettling for them. Not to mention mothers suffering from anxiety. This is a phase that needs proper research and good decision.

Here’s how you can be prepared


Look for the best service with experienced and caring staff. Talk to them in detail, share every bit of information you can about your child with them. Like their sleeping pattern, eating habits, likes, dislikes, favorite TV shows. This would really help them take good care of your child.


If you are ready to work post pregnancy, you should making your child accustomed   to grandparent’s company by leaving the child with them. Don’t make them habitual of seeing you 24*7. Take them out to friends or relatives’ place so that they don’t feel awkward at a new place and with strangers.

Initial Few days

Almost all crèche and preschools have this provision of the parent accompanying the child for the first few days. That can be the real ice breaker. During those 2-3 days don’t be around them always. Let the staff handle them and you just keep an eye and be there in case your child gets cranky.

Talk to your child.

If your child is old enough to understand things, then explain to them how it would be a lot of fun to meet new people and make new friends. Explain that they are in a safe environment and should not hesitate to seek help.


If the child is suffering from separation it is even more difficult for the mother. Mothers are always worried if the child had anything to eat or has been crying all the time. Don’t worry the staff at the crèche takes care of a lot of kids and they know how to handle. It would take time but eventually your child would settle and would miss his crèche more than you and that really happens.


Always pack you Child’s favorite toys or blanket for them because it would make them feel secure. They feel at home wherever they are. We always need to think of them as they do for themselves. It is imperative or we might leave them feel lonely and lost.

Check the crèche

Make sure the crèche is properly staffed and is a safe environment for your child and they have taken all the precaution like baby-proof electrical sockets. Also the place should be very hygienic because children can fall sick very quickly. Check if the crèche has children same as your Child’s age group because that will help your child ease into a new environment more easily.

Send Essentials

Make a bag of all the essentials that would be required during the time spent. Like diapers, milk bottles, food, and prescribed medicine to be taken. Label his belongings properly.

Make him wear comfortable clothes also send an extra pair if required.

10 Last but very important

Never sneak away. Say a proper bye and explain to your child that you will be back in sometime. At times, it is difficult for the child to let go the mother in that case ask your husband to drop him at crèche that ways it becomes a bit easier for the child and you.