Race For The COVID Vaccine: What Are The Stages Of Successful Vaccine Development?

More than 100 SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are being developed across the world by various research teams in the Universities and Companies. In the modern-day, Researchers have been trialing the different technologies. Governments across the world also have been speeding the clinical trial for the vaccine. Indian Government is mainly developing the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine. With the unparalleled global race for the vaccine become historically, India also has been striving to reach the top position. 

As of July 7, the WHO (World Health Organization) stated that there are about 160 vaccines have been in development at the various stages of research. It is also the most significant vaccine development effort on this pandemic. Indian virologist Shahid Jameel states that there are about 139 at “preclinical evaluation" stages under process, and the vaccine candidates have been tested on the animals.

Another report states that 2 Indian vaccine candidates are cleared about stages. They mainly have received regulatory approval for moving to the Clinical trials. WHO document also does not list the Covaxin. In which the vaccine candidate has been regulated by the government. 

WHO representative stated and informed that “criteria and attributes for providing the consideration on prioritization of COVID-19 candidate vaccines. These are mainly considered for further development. Another report states mostly that there are 100 Coronavirus vaccines developed at the varied stages by the scientists. Many universities and medical institutes have been in a race for producing the first vaccine serum for the COVID-19.

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Moderna Therapeutics, U.S. Pharmaceutical Company, stated that the vaccine development could take about ten years, but vaccine candidates would soon be tested on more than thousands of people. Coronavirus Pandemic has been highly increasing across the world. It mainly makes a discovery on the efficient vaccine in paramount importance. Researchers state that studying about the virus have been increased to the maximum. More number of test centers have been deployed for increasing the rate of testing for the vaccine.

With the global race for releasing the Coronavirus vaccine has been highly increased, China's Sinovac reached later stages on the human trial of Moderna, AstroZeneca as well as indigenous Covaxin. Each of these vaccines has been competing for passing trials on the final stage. All the Governments across the world have been under pressure for preparing a vaccine on the COVID19. Many number of medical institutions focus on the efficacy of vaccines with rushing towards making it faster.

What Is The Process Of Developing A Vaccine?

Developing the vaccine for Coronavirus has been deployed by many medical institutes across the world. The process for this development includes isolating the pathogen, and it is important to identify the pathogen with the protein. The immunogenic of the pathogen will be tested sp that it would be evoking the immune responses. When it is injected in the human or animal, then it would provide an effective immune response. Controlling the pathogen becomes a much easier option with this technique.

Protein in the pathogen would be immunogenic so that they would be tested for the vaccine. These would be tested in the mice or any other non-human primate model.

Ø  Exploratory – Exploring potential candidate for a vaccine is the starting stage

Ø  Preclinical – Vaccine development is the next stage. It involves preparation for manufacturing the compound for testing in humans.

Ø  Clinical Trials – Vaccine prototype enters phase with the safety studies on healthy people

Ø  Phase I Trials – Test for safety and preliminary dosing

Ø  Phase II Trials – Evaluate immunogenicity and dose levels.

Ø  Phase III Trials – More participants are included for testing the effectiveness of the vaccine.

More than 200 vaccine candidates have been developed as of July 2020. About 19 of the human testing entered the Phase II-III interventional trial.