How To Safeguard Your Kids Against Sexual Exploitation

A Good Touch and A Bad Touch

There was time, a time of innocence and a time when parents did not worry too much about their children playing outside, but as they say, times are changing and so are the frequent cases of child molestation all over India. We tend not to believe it and even hide it from our children because we love living in denial. But living in denial at times comes with a cost and it may not be something which you may recover from.  As responsible parents it is your duty to educate them about good touch and bad touch.

Child molestation is a reality and educating our children is the best way to protect them. It is not just girls who are vulnerable to sex abuse but boys also  can equally fall victims to sex abuse and one has to be very careful who they interact with. From an early age, we must inculcate the message and encourage our children to tell the difference between “good touch” and “bad touch”. It is very easy; just tell them that when mommy or daddy gives them a bath, it is good touch or any close member of family like grandparents.

Their Intuition Needs Your Attention

Do not underestimate or ignore a child’s intuition, if they do not like someone touching them or hugging them as people often do when they see a small child. Let them express their displeasure. Another thing that you always need to keep an eye on is if your kid’s behavior has changed towards somebody in particular. May be they used to like that person earlier, but lately you see them running away or afraid of this person.  Don’t force them onto somebody, if they do not feel comfortable with someone let it be. It may be nothing and they, over time may have normal relations with that person.

Read Their Daily Activity

Make sure you take a lot of interest in your Child’s daily activities and you must infuse lot of confidence in them because many children who fall victim to sex abuse find it difficult to express themselves and it is up to the parents to be understanding and supportive. Parents who are approachable and discuss many issues openly with children would have lot of advantages for if the child is in trouble they will not hesitate to come to them immediately.

Make The Best Use Of Technology

Technology is also a very helpful medium these days because many parents have to go and work and they hire a full time caretaker for the child and the first thing one must do is to hire someone from a reputable agency and a thorough background check must be done on them also one can install spy camera in the house monitoring. If you have to leave your child in a crèche, then always check the facilities and make sure the staff is well qualified and had full employment background check.

Kids love it when you tell them stories before going to bed. Make this session learning for them. May be a story about a boy being touched by a bad man, and eventually police uncle takes him away and so on. You must explain to them in a manner which they will understand. This will give them a clear understanding of good touch and bad touch.

Use child lock in your TV because kids these days are very tech savvy. If they have access to your laptops or tablets, keep check of what websites they visit because they might end up exploring nefarious sites accidentally. Software are available for such monitoring.

If you see any change in your kids behavior do not hesitate for a moment to Inquire and if you feel your child looks a bit withdrawn or disturbed talk to them it could be nothing or something because there are all sorts of  abuse going on out there from bullying in school to cyber bullying and by talking to them you can help them and take this matter with the school or the parents of the other child who is doing the bullying  and in that process help your child and the other child who may also need help and guidance.

Bad Can Be Someone From The House As Well

Most of the exploitation happens within the household because statistically people who get abused by someone are known to them and that is why many victims are afraid or ashamed to come forward. We cannot protect them all the time but if we have a very clear and open channel of communication then your child will not ever hesitate to come and talk to you, no matter what subject it may be. Being parents is a hard job but learn to trust your children and at times be a friend and god willing you will have peace of mind when you go to sleep every night.