Atychiphobia : the abnormal, persistent fear of FAILURE.

The one diagnosed with such condition, tends to have the aversion to risk taking and leads a ‘clinched’ life. The victim considers his situation as unreal which makes it largely a subconscious problem. That’s something the unequivocal source on the internet says.

What does it actually connote?

Living in a world full of opportunities with a high probability that it shall be a ‘ bright sunny’ day, yet wearing a raincoat to the office in the non-bearing scorching heat.  Now, think that it has actually rained, and so wearing a raincoat turns out to be fruitful, but now another fear of facing a flood may boil up.

What would be step two ? Arranging a boat and call off the work?. Sounds absurd ?. It could be, but not for those actually undergoing this riotous experience. Some of the reasons of being detected to such phobia are heredity, genetics, brain chemistry and life experiences. Majorly,  being extensively traumatized  or embarrassed due to a life incident can enhance your chances to be a victim of Atychiphobia. Worse of everything is that, it is most common among young school children, who are under constant pressures of competition and ‘scoring high ‘ burden. The child witnesses the symptoms of increased heartbeat, high blood pressure, nausea,  shortness of breath and  a massive destruction to self-confidence resulting into depression, as per a study. The sufferer, his family, specifically parents and sometimes even the school turns a blind-eye to such traces. “If your child can’t stand the competition, I fear what he’ll do in his life “, “ you have to hit the sky, my child, the world out there is full of competition “  or “ don’t make excuses to avoid studying!” – are some of the most commonly heard remarks to the victim. Dear parents and teachers, ever wondered about the other side of the story? What if your child is unable to handle so much, since he was not born with this latent talent of becoming ‘ #1’, what if he lacks the capability to excel academically and secretly watches the football tournament every time you close the door and expect him to study, or what if he is actually having a mental breakdown due to excessive stress but never turned up to you, only if you had ever understood him. All of this could be true or maybe not, but in most of the cases, the child has been never provided with any priority pertaining to his own intellectual thoughts or his ‘unidealistic’ capabilities. Talking about one of such incidents, where a boy of age 17 had committed suicide or more precisely, died out of unfulfilled expectations of his family, as he  had managed to score “only 60 percent” in his class 12th results. Even though “ the family did not raise the issue with him”(let’s believe this ),  he was  so terrorized that he couldn’t turn to  his family and ended his life behind a closed door. This is what stirred the neighbourhood after the results were declared. Another boy of the same age,from  a nearby district of Coimbatore, had collapsed to the fear of failing even before the results were announced. His ’ redundant’ score was 71 percent. The son of a retired postal employee, had expressed his fears already to his parents, but unable to gather some courage to tackle the forthcoming situation, he gave up, only when his parents had gone out. A failure to even escape her failure, had made the public take a notice of the rising numbers of suicide, when a girl of age 17 had devised a plan to end ‘it’ up, as her parents had forced her to take the stream of not her choice. When she had barely able to pass the subject, she slit her wrist after being scolded by her parents – as reported in a national daily.

With the highest numbers of suicide in India, according to W.H.O, where every hour 15 people give up on their lives!.The students contribute to 19 percent of the total yearly suicides, implying nearly 25thousand student toll. “ Suicide not only harms the immediate family, but also the community”, and with an immeasurable size and behemothic impact, such numbers have significantly shook the nation and has raised questions over the current education system, the cut-throat competition during the entrances and the sky-rocketing admission cut- offs of reputed universities and institutions. For a student facing the same, has no idea but to be a part of the ‘herd’ and keep on pushing himself until he gets through the side where the grass is greener. But what about the one who couldn’t handle it, the feeble sheep? It may all turn out to  be a nightmare for it, as the wolf starving for it’s failure would chase it till the ultimate slaughter. “But in the end, one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.” – Albert Camus,  highlights the fact it takes serious courage to keep moving on with a life which is just ridden with pain. However, the debate of considering suicide a brave act or not,  is something dispensable.

To understand the overtaxed minds of the individuals facing such jitters and rat race is the perquisite for the present scenario. Atychiphobia as discussed before, is meagerly due to a dreadful life experiences and so can be squared off prominently by talk therapy, counseling to help the patient to get off chest with such fears. Experts recommend that the most effective treatment is self-motivation. Encouraging oneself to face every new day may actually reduce fears of imaginary troubles. Breaking the task into small manageable pieces and then doing it gradually is also suggested. It shall help the patient to realize that facing a failure is not the end of the world and there is always a scope to outperform next time. For the young students, they are advised to not become subject to the mistakes of undermining oneself and living in the superstitions of the world to run over digits and percentages. Also, there is a dire need for the parents to recognise their child’s potential and what other qualities the child can give him an edge over his fellow competitors rather than preparing him to be an underdog to fight over his spot. A note to the teachers as well, not every child could  be the ‘apple of your eyes’, he can have creative capabilities not constrained  just to the essays of English, or he can be an agile  player and dodge the ball faster than you could that solve that algebra problem. Every child is tender and is sui-generis. Let the child be nurtured with his own discrete thoughts on life and mark his own destinations. Nothing is dull or lustrous per say, it’s the perception which divides the line of asymmetry. The words of wisdom say, You are a marvel. You are unique. In all the years that have passed, there has never been another child like you. Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers, the way you move. You may become a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven. You have the capacity for anything.” –  Henry David Thoreau