Terrorism: The Darker Deeper Problem

15 dead and 200 have been brutally injured in the recent uprisings and terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir, the adobe of Heaven, is a highly critical area where the terrorist attack is like a routine work. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh reassured Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to provide assistance that may be required by the state authorities.

These terrorist attacks are not just destroying us economically and socially, rather it is creating fear in the mind and soul of every citizen of the world. We have had various heinous examples of terrorism in the world, the 11 September World Trade Organisation massacre, 26 November’s Mumbai attacks, airplane hijacks etc. The insensitive attitude of a few people slaves the life of hundreds of innocent soul, unkempt in the final destination of their life.



But why exactly is terrorism so prevalent in the modern society?

Whenever the news of terrorism reaches our ears, we impatiently start blaming Pakistan and it generates a feeling of hatred towards the Muslim community. I do admit that it is Pakistan which is behind all mess, or mostly all such attacks. But the real question that disturbs me is why terrorism has spread its wings in the present era more than any other period of time.

Undoubtedly, the race of competition and the nuisance of hatred is the prime reason for the activities which are highly prevalent in the society. People have lost the values of Humanity; the anger is ebbing to uncontrollable limits and our pathetic, stone-hearted attitude doesn’t feel guilty even in killing our own very breed.

I have read the statements given by terrorism when they are captured- ‘I have done it for my motherland’, ‘This act was solely devoted to my religion and there is glory in my death’, ‘You may call me a murderer, but I am a soldier’. God befalls some wisdom on them!

Undergoing the entire scriptures might seem like a difficult task, but I am sure that no Religion advocates murder and mass killings towards fellow beings. And if it does force you to become a beast, no offence, then that is no religion.

Osama Bin Laden- the founder and head of Islamist group Al- Qaeda was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011 by United States Navy- SEALs of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development group. The complete search operation, code-named Operation Neptune Spear- was carried out in a Central Intelligence Agency. He was the man behind all the recent massacres of U.S., which was heftily paid by him. He was an educated man, and he turned educated youth against the society with his hollow teachings.

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The people involved in such acts lose their rationality and calm of mind. Their motive is entire to kill, spread fear and destroy lives. They are victims of bad company, lack of wisdom or low understanding. The tussle and issues of India-Pakistan date back to 1930s, when the nation was fighting for freedom. But why is the decision or the misunderstandings of the ancestors still ruling over the hearts of people, hoping for revenge from those who might not be aware even of the complete history of the time. It is lame, indeed.

When we have advanced technologically, culturally and scientifically- then why is this foolishness playing with our minds. Leave the past and move forward. In this world of globalisation where economies have mingled and people have turned broad-minded, the distinction of religion, race, caste or geographic boundaries should not trouble us. Judge a person by his character; not by the colour of his skin or the line of hereditary.


But there has to some steps that should be taken to ensure the protection of all the citizens because the sense of security and peace is of utmost value for human beings.

More police personnel should be employed in highly sensitive and crowded areas.

The staff should be well-equipped with pistols and devices of latest technologies, which can help them to protect people at the time of needs.

Intelligent agencies should be active and keep doing their work honesty.

The national security should be enhanced.

Promote socio-economic growth and development.

CCTV cameras should be fitted in for proper surveillance and detection of crime.

Even the slightest clue must be taken care of.

It is important to beat Terrorism before if beats us- because even the life of one innocent when lost fills our heart with pain, agony and heartache.