Time is nearing for the end of this aberration of abbreviation called Pakistan

Yesterday morning terrorists from Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) launched a planned attack similar to Pathankot in the Uri sector in Kashmir, and 19 of our soldiers were killed. Right after the attack, there was a strong condemnation from America and this time it did not call for peace or start of dialogue between India and Pakistan, but was that just a mere lip service remains to be seen and the outcome will be known in few days based on actions taken by India. However, it is a sign that the U.S State Department no longer sees the approach of asking India to start dialogue with Pakistan prudent, since India is now America’s number one buyer of military hardware which runs into billions of dollars. On the other hand, Pakistan is like a bottom less pit where America has pumped over 30 billion dollars since 2001 with zero results. In fact, the Haqqani network has been responsible for the death of hundreds of American soldiers and also responsible for trying to undermine the Afghanistan government.

It is quite possible after the attack in the Uri sector in Kashmir, the preverbal we shall choose for our time and place to hit Pakistan needs to change because the time has come to strike, period! If Pakistan thinks any retaliation from India will not be well received by China, then they are living in fool’s paradise. It is because even during Kargil war China did not come to Pakistan’s aid and right now China has its hands full with all the backlash it’s receiving from it’s South China Sea policy.There India seems to have an upper hand and the strain in relationship between China and its South East Asian neighbors, like Vietnam, with whom India is developing closer relations. Fact is, China is worried about the growing influence of Japan and could reverse its earlier stand on the China-Pak economic corridor (CPEC). The volatility in Baluchistan and Gilgit Baltistan region is palpable and the writing is on the wall and sooner or later they will separate. Plus there are issues with security of Chinese civilians and construction safety of CPEC corridor, so why invest billions of dollars in Pakistan which in just few years will be dismembered. Also this time around China may not block India if we decide to pass a resolution in the U.N assembly to ban Jaish-e-Mohammad and its founder Maulana Masood Azhar.

American Stance on Pakistan

With regards to America there is already growing resentment for Pakistan in Washington with several leaders strongly opposing any new aid or sale of subsidized military hardware to this sponsor of Islamic terrorism. This will give India the advantage to make surgical strike across the LoC and we have the right tools at our disposal. There are dozens of terror training camps in Pak Occupied Kashmir (POK) which can easily be targeted by Brahmos Cruise Missile and within few minutes it can decimate the targeted area and kill its inhabitants. But that is just one example, we have a strong navy and we can also launch missile strike from one of our destroyers. Also it is time to put the Cold Start doctrine into practice. However the conventional wisdom would talk restraint because of the fear of nuclear retaliation but that is unfounded because it is not that easy. Pakistan may threaten us with nuclear attack but knows well that it will be completely destroyed too.

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The Open Secret

It is clear that in Pakistan the non state actors who carry out terror attack over Indian soil and other parts of the world are part of their military and even supported the government. The days of plausible deniability, the inability to control these elements, and Pakistan calling itself as victim of its own terror groups, will just not fly with the international community. For long Pakistan had threatened suicide which the world sadly bought and backed off but now almost on a daily basis its leaders and generals make bold statements about using nuclear bombs which shows their intent. Pakistan is an aberration and was born out of fear, loathing and paranoia and the time has come to catch them on their bluff and start taking action. If the present Narendra Modi administration fails to take any retaliatory action, it will just give Pakistan to fall back and regroup. The time has come to use our diplomatic, economic and military strength to isolate Pakistan.

Will Modi Make The Perception Right?

If India fails to take action against Pakistan this time and somehow get back to negotiating table trying to ameliorate this vicious cycle of Islamic terror will continue and more of our brave soldiers and civilians will get killed. Going to the United Nations cannot be called a bad or a wrong strategy, but it will not bear desired result but still it is necessary. Pakistan believes in doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is an act of madness but they can’t be blamed since its foreign policy is guided by the military and Inter-Services Public Relations. It has been propagated, given enough rope Pakistan will hang itself but with nuclear weapons in hand and the intent of using them, it’s possible we might also have to hang with them but that is the cost of freedom and peace in our times. The situation is very grim and out of control for Pakistan that it cannot even get any help from Saudi Arabia, who is the main force behind the growth of Islamic terrorism which it created to counter Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser’s pan-Arabist socialism which it saw as a threat for its hegemony. Many of our leaders had this opportunity, but they missed. Will Modi do what no one did till date?

All the petrol dollars Pakistan received from the Saudis will soon evaporate because the land of the Prophet itself is under threat along with the custodians of the two holy mosques the Saudi royal family. It is clear that the Saudi’s are no longer interested in spreading their Wahabi brand of Islam which is now threatening its very existence. Pakistan is nothing but a abbreviation with no self identity and whatever identity they had was long destroyed by its leaders. Pakistan is a land with no soul or identity and is nothing but the last ditch by the British as payback for losing the Raj and they did for their own interest and in hindsight it is clearly not paying any dividends. The very country that help divide us are themselves in serious trouble and are sitting on the powder keg of Islamic terror which could go off any time.