To Hold On Or To Let Go: What Is The Question, What Can Then Be The Answer?

We are emotional beings, we like to live in hope, we like to hang on and wait, dream and then wait some more. Human beings often linger on, and at times, they tend to let go of things very easily and then shrug and move on. We all have it, we all have gone through it, in varying intensities. The right approach, as happens in all the cases, is somewhere in the middle.

There is a reason why we do what we do. Fear and doubt have always become two shades that define yes. Now, there will be instances when letting go can be painful, but at the same time, holding on to something can be equally painful. All we end up doing is tying us all in knots.

“I have faced situations when I do not know where to see, what to do. People keep saying reflect, but even the reflections are hazy, and I sit down once again, all enthusiasm sucked out,” a friend told me. He had lost his job owing to the COVID pandemic.

“But, hey, I keep trying, I cannot let do, I will only regret not trying harder. I cannot keep thinking of things which could have happened, I will have to find things which might happen,” he adds, rather quickly.

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It is no secret here that hanging on can be far more destructive and if we keep thinking about all the things that have past, things might become more destructive and much more hazardous. We will be forever stuck in a bad situation and there will be no room to get out of it. So, to cut the clutter – hanging on for a long time will only make things worse.

“I am learning new skills, I am trying to branch out, connect with people, putting my resume out there, trying to grab the attention of the opportunities which are there. For life, yes, it might look bleak right now, but it also provides a glimmer of hope and for me, that hope is revving my system, reboot it, and get at something new with full throttle,” he said.

There is no denying the fact that that failures and unforeseen situations can be quite tricky and very, very painful. This is when you need to look around and then look within. While there might be remorse surrounding you, once you look within, you might then need to call up all your reserves of courage, resilience as well as your self-worth. Never hesitate to seek outside help and never, ever be afraid to touch base with what you want and what you have been. There lies the answer and there lies the path which will put on a far better place and the road to a better life is that one step away.