Together, But Separate: Growth On Online Streaming Platforms, Online Content During COVID-19

The world is stuck at home, they have nowhere to go, theatres are shut, restaurants have closed down and well, all you can do is to stay put and stay away and stay safe. And this is why online streaming platforms have gained a lot of traction – the virus has pulled us away from people and pushed us closer to devices and the internet.

We are spending our days at home and with computers and smartphones at our disposal, eyebrows and no longer furrowed and eyes are no longer squinted when the screen time tends to become longer than usual.

The pandemic has created an unusual experience – film industry has taken a big hit, theatres and production studios were shut down after only a brief window given to them. This has affected the future releases and forced producers and filmmakers to release movies online and take the route of OTT platforms.

Being accessible, being available and being prompt – these are the factors which have led to the exponential growth of online platforms during these unforeseen circumstances. Studies have concluded that OTT and online platforms have made their product accessible to a large audience and even established artists and reputed names are not too shy of displaying their skills in the online space.

Social distancing is the most potent way to flatten this curve and hence, people even when they are staying away, want to be connected mostly through video chats or recording messages for each other. An in-house session which is live-streamed on social media platforms can be seen by the entire family together while staying away from each other and this leads to not only bond over the art but also show their support to the artist.

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Music concerts in 2020 are now entirely online and it has now become a necessity than a novelty. Live Stream Concerts have seen a spike in recent months and with the situation being as bleak as before, artists have appeared before us across the various social media platforms. One of the top upcoming music shows will be when Padma Shri Anup Jalota will perform live in an in-house session. Famous as the ‘Bhajan Samrat’, his music and voice can be the perfect antidote in these testing times and the session can be attended online by the entire family even when staying away from each other.

Although it is a virtual concert, it promises to be a magical moment, it will have the purity of Indian classical music, it will have the soul of the roots of India and it will have the voice of Anup Jalota. All this at an affordable price of Rs 250 per ticket which can be purchased to log in and dispel all thoughts of doom for the entire session.

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Together we are all in this fight against COVID-19 and yet, we are all separate. Let the music unite us all, let the powerful songs soothe the frayed tempers and nerves, and let us all be hooked in at the same time, even when we are all alone and maintaining distance. For the Internet is what is keeping us sane even in these testing times and the Internet is what should be used for all the right needs.