We are going to look at countries where it is very dangerous to live or travel. Were the chances of an average person leaving home could die anytime or any day. All these countries have one thing in common and that is lack of civilian control and non existences of any democracy. To be listed in this list is a dubious distinction no country would want.

  1. Sudan


Sudan is a nation were fifth of citizens here live on less than $1 US a day, and as one of the so-called “hungriest” nations in the world. Ethnic conflict has been a mainstay for most of Sudan’s history, but the biggest threat comes from the Sudanese government that retains power through sheer violence and bloodshed. This country has some of the worst human rights-abuse records. The local militias with the tacit approval of the government have done widespread killings, rape, systematic torture, robbery and recruitment of child soldiers. This country has some of the highest number of death due to civil war and famine and it is estimated 2 million people have died in nearly 3 decades.

  1. Mexico


Mexico has some of the best beach resorts in the world with places like Cancun and Acapulco visited by many tourists and Mexico makes more money than any other Latin countries when it comes to tourism. It has rich history and some of the most remarkable archeological finds are located in this country. But sadly this country has a very poor track record when it comes to human right violations especially in southern parts of Mexico which are populated by segregated indigenous peoples and poor urbanites. Then there are the deadly drug cartels who are responsible for the death of thousands of civilians, often killed in the most brutal manner. It is estimated that the cartels employ close to or over 100,000 who would never hesitate to do the bidding of their cartel bosses. Hundreds of law enforcement officers have also died in this drug war. It has been estimated the drug problem in Mexico has claimed the lives of over 60,000 dead and 20,000 missing, with a homicide rate nearly three times the world average.

  1. Somalia


Somalia is famous for its piracy problem and we all know what the situation like 20 years ago when hundreds of thousands of people died due to starvation due to civil war and things have still not improved. The present government of President Adullahi Yusuf Ahmed has only control of the capital, Mogadishu, while Al Qaeda supported militant insurgents have expanded their control in southern Somalia. Many nations have sent their navies to protect the crucial shipping lines in the Gulf of Aden to offer protection from piracy, but still, pirates have staged dozens of successful hijackings, as far south in as the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.

  1. Colombia


This is one of the most pictures countries in South America with mountains and river and beautiful vistas. But this country has the distinction of being the world’s foremost procedures of Cocaine and many people have lost their lives. But in the last decade the rate of murder and kidnapping has gone down in Colombia but the threat from insurgents and paramilitary groups still persist. Colombia is a country with lot of Natural resources and due to this there has been fighting between military forces and guerrillas (FARC), and the country is still involved in illegal drugs trade which has resulted in many people fleeing the country.

  1. Chad


Chances are many people may not even have heard the name of this African country and if they have it would most certainly be not on the top of the list of tourist distention. Aid foundations are scared to enter into this country for fear of having killed or kidnapped. Chad has been rated the most corrupt country in the world because of an unstable and abusive political system and frequent attacks due to enmity between various tribes. In Chad there is no such thing as due process and the Official security forces in frivolously practice arbitrary arrest, extrajudicial killings, torture and rape. This country is cursed with oil reserves which the local administration has no qualms of misusing and enjoying the wealth generated from it.

  1. South Africa

South Africa

It is hard to imagine South Africa being listed as one of the most dangerous countries on earth and the reason for that statistically 50 murders happen daily, and violent crime and burglary are on the rise. Also South Africa has the highest number of rape and sexual assault cases in the world and it has been estimated that 65,000 women are raped annually here by one in every four men but many more cases go unreported which is also a huge problem.

  1. Nigeria


Nigeria is right now the most dangerous country to visit in Africa with Boko Haram terrorizing the population with brutal murders and kidnapping of innocent young girls. This country has the largest oil reserve in African continent and hence the root cause of its entire problem. The government sole purpose and concentration is to protecting its oil exports and filling its personal coffers, while the country remains one of the most socially and politically underdeveloped. Arbitrary detention, violence, rape and torture by the Official security forces are a common practice. In the oil rich Niger Delta region the whole ecology may have suffered irreversible damage due to the ongoing conflicts. Nigeria is home to organized crime around the drug trade. As it is located in a strategically important place, Nigeria is now the hub of international trafficking of controlled substances and since this is  highly lucrative and competitive business gangs often compete with each other and the result violence lets to the deaths of hundreds of civilian lives every year.

  1. Iraq


With the advent of ISIS in Iraq if it was dangerous earlier it is now an absolute nightmare to be in this country. In the last decade alone hundreds and thousands of people have died to sectarian violence. Suicide attacks and car bombs are a common occurrence which claims lives of innocent people on a daily bases. A biased and sectarian government of has given rise to public disconcertment which has also allowed the growth of organized crime in this country.  The future of Iraq is going to be dripped with blood of innocent people unless a stable and equitable agreement is reached between various ethnic groups.

  1. Pakistan


This country is in the perils of total disintegration and chaos due to supporting various terror organizations like the Taliban and Al Qaeda which has now turned on the state. In the last 5 years thousands have died due to suicide bomb attacks and the country is deeply divided on sectarian lines. Violence against women is rampant with honor killings and Pakistan has one of the highest cases of domestic violence. Also the army and security services have been involved in several extra judicial killings. But the main concern is the collusion of security officials, terrorist and smugglers has allowed some very dangerous people freely roaming in Pakistan. With a economy which is totally dependent on outside support this is a ship sailing with a severely damaged hull and

  1. Afghanistan


Damaged by war and internal strife Afghanistan is right now is the epicenter of manufacturing of heroin which is sold all over the world with the help of war lords to finance their terror. This country is still plagued by polio and poverty. Afghanistan ranks as one of the most dangerous places for women. With corruption rampant at the highest levels there has been no development and due to unemployment many Afghans have become disillusioned with the government’s failure to improve their socioeconomic circumstances and have taken arms with the Taliban. If Afghanistan is a dangerous place, the area bordering Pakistan is one of the most dangerous places on earth because there is no one to enforce the law and this place the laws of the tribes are only enforced which targets civilians as well as security forces.