Watch Out For These 5 Signs Of Suicidal Behaviour Which Can Help You Save A Life

According to the studies and researches suicides can be stopped 100%. What's important for that is to a little empathy towards the person suspected. It is not always easy to find out who is suicidal, as these types of persons are mostly very introverted and push people away from their life. Although there are ways which will help you to find out if your near and dear ones are suicidal or not. 

Talking about Ending Their Life 

Usually, people who are suicidal often tends to talk about ending their life. Have you ever heard any of your close one talking about how they want to kill themselves or how it would have been better if they were not born? Know that they are suicidal if the answer is yes. Talk with them, listen to them and show some empathy to make them think otherwise. So the next time you hear your loved ones talking about putting an end to their lives help them change their mind. 

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Being Antisocial 

Some people are introverted and antisocial by nature, but if someone withdraws themselves from any social gatherings suddenly then know that person might be thinking of committing suicide. These type of people wants to be separated from all types of gatherings, and that is a big sign of having suicidal thoughts. Give your time to these people before it's too late. Because the best gift you can give someone is your time. 

Extreme Changes in Mood 

Changing of mood is common in humans. It is a basic human nature that you don't feel the same way about something always. It is normal as long as it happens once in a blue moon in regular people, but the moment you see something like this happening in a person every now and then, know that they are going through suicidal thoughts. According to renowned doctors if extreme mood swings keep happening in a person that might lead to severe anxiety or agitation. Try to help them as much as you can or you can also take them to seek medical assistance from any professional. 


Hopelessness is a big sign that the person is suicidal. Someone that is talking how hopeless about life he or she is understands that they might be having suicidal thoughts. Being hopeless about life is what makes them end their lives. Overlooking this type of signs is the last thing you want to do. Everyone hates it when someone they love suffers alone, so helping them would be the best thing you can do to show your love for them. Talk to them to know the reason behind their hopelessness or convince them to see a psychiatric. 

These are some of the basic signs that will tell you that your loved one is suicidal, help them get over the situation and lead a better and healthy life.