1. Women empowerment is the burning topic of today. People demand equal rights and opportunities for women as they have experienced enough cruelties in this male dominated patriarchal society. Women are inclined to stand at par with men with the literacy and the education rate soaring up considerably. Various heinous crimes against women have raised global concern, but are only men responsible for creating havoc in the lives of womenfolk or there is a great mistake made and being made on the part of women as well, knowingly or unknowingly.


    Let’s dig deeper on the life of women in primeval times. Even before the birth of a girl child, she was abused and aborted forcefully because a son was preferred. Fortunately or unfortunately, when she wasn’t killed in her mother’s womb and stepped in the world, she faced the discrimination at her home- getting the leftovers to eat, treated inferior in front of her brother and loaded with work as a maid. Boys were “mother’s love” and no matter what, a mother couldn’t treat a son and a daughter in the same zone. The real atrocities began after her marriage.

    At the time of marriage, her mother- in- law used to pressurise the girl’s family for heavy dowry. And when I mention mother- in – law, it is signifying the major role, not the complete role because no doubt, the other members were also included. Woman was just considered an object for the pleasure and desire of sex and begetting children. And the so called ‘mother in law’ pressurised her in everything- a want for dowry, son, get indulged in household chores and finally to accept all orders without uttering a single word. But why ?

    Simply because she passed through the same oppressed phase because of the cruelty by her own mother in law. It’s been followed for ages, and now has become a social order.

     The past is evident of how whenever a woman has stood up for a mission, it has never fallen flat on the ground. The contribution of women in ‘Chipko movement’ can never be forgotten. But, women have accepted the social oppression, tyranny and despotism   the reality of their life. The suffering of one made her hard core and this stone heartedness inflated on her subsequent generations. Deep down, she exclaimed ‘’ when my time comes, I’ll live more peacefully than ever. Let my slave come.”

    And then, the continuous cycle of subjugation and injustice became the order of the day. When women herself believed in her inferiority, the man just grew comfortable in dominating. The wrong practices followed by some people have become the trend setter.

    Even today, daughters are daddy’s angel and boys are mothers’ life. Though, a lot has changed with the growth of education and the awareness among people, yet somewhere our own thought process and mentality ruins our life. When we demand empowerment, we ask for reservations and incentives to make it easy for us. How ironical, we fight for equal opportunities but then, crave for incentives and a shorter way. I do agree that in this humanity-lost world, women need safety and security but the problem doesn’t end here. We have to boost up our image in our mind and break free from the social oppression we created for ourselves. We live in a world of mutual understanding and need, not one of dominance. Why are men supposed to vacant seats for women of the same age or even younger ? Why the final decision of the family is controlled by a man? I don’t advocate fight and lack of respect for one another, rather I aim to enhance consultation and dialogue instead of permission.

    Equality is Identity

    Even a highly skilled woman looks for a husband earning a handsome salary and has a job security so that they can easily enjoy their life till the end. But why only a male member expected to run a family? I know there are certain issues with women unlike men, but marrying on the grounds of income isn’t a rational and apt mentality. Elders say “it is a duty of a man to feed his wife and children.” Here, we don’t show a problem because it is not a cause of worry for us. But why is that so. Aren’t women themselves competent and confident enough to earn their living. If no, then I’d say that women must not at all feel offended if they are not provided with proper education like their male counterparts, as after all we need a support to sustain our living.

     In these small and unrealised issues, we ourselves prove that we are indeed inferior. I, being a woman, feel that I have the ability to uphold my career and abide by all the responsibilities of work and family. So, next time before shouting your throat out for equal rights, make sure you bear in mind that you are actually equal in all aspects.

    If a woman wants, she can change the world. Think deeper, act diligently and live with dignity.