Work From Home Boon Or Bane

With the pandemic in place, many of us are left with the only option of 'working from home'. When we first went in lockdown, it seemed like we all were pushed into an unending uncertainty. We kept going with the flow without an iota of knowledge if life would ever be normal again. Today, we have learned to live with the virus. After spending days and months with it, the fear has faded away and will gradually see its end sooner or later.

My respect to people who still have to step out for work, willingly or not-so-willingly. As it all started with the impromptu announcement of the lockdown, I considered myself to be lucky enough to have had the opportunity of working from home. At least, I was not among the ones who had to undergo the stress of laying off, if not salary deduction. But, do we really like the way it is?

For first-timers like me, WFH came as a relief. No hassle of getting up an hour early, starting for work on time, reaching the office on time and getting back home with a day-full of tiredness. My excitement knew no bar as the work from home module kickstarted during the end of March.

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Now, after having dealt with it for close to six months, I feel somewhat exhausted, not always, but at times. However, the comfort of logging in within ten minutes of waking up and working from bed has no comparison.

Even as WFH is no longer a privilege but a necessity, it has come as a boon to many middle-class women who are in midlife. Women who have to take an active part in household chores, think it's an advantage to work from home. On the other hand, a bunch of working women are of the opinion that WFH has led to an increase in the working hours. With constraints in infrastructure at home, they are having to stretch the working hours to meet their daily target. Work-life balance, according to them, has gone up in smoke.

Being a single, independent woman in her mid 20s, with no or less family responsibilities, WFH could make very little difference to me. While some thought that the WFH module would give them ample time to be with family, for others it was saving a lot of travel-time and hence finding space to nurture their lost interests and hobbies. For me, it came as a boon and is slowly turning into bane.

There is a reason why offices were created. The entire infrastructure of a corporate setup cannot be brought home, no matter what. You tend to work a lot and eat a lot too. Thus, the evident fruits are back pain, neck pain, body ache, indigestion, obesity, so on and so forth. This was, however, the physical part. What about our mental health?

WFH has, by and large, brought along boredom. If you observe, you end up feeling low many times with hardly a reason. With nowhere to go, all that we do is, work, eat, sleep and repeat. Over the last five to six months, I have realised that although the WFH module sounds relaxing, in a way, our overall health is going for a toss.

C'mon, we are social creatures after all. We love to have a social life post work. Don't you? You could be of an introverted nature and you enjoy being alone, but that no way justifies the cycle - work, eat, sleep and repeat.

It's high time we shoot a few questions to ourselves. For how long can we confine ourselves inside the four walls of home? How long can we isolate ourselves in the name of social distancing? Till the vaccine comes? Well, that seems like a farce, to be honest. Or, till we come out of the intense fear that most of us still persist in the name of coronavirus.