Are you one of those who are always conscious of how they look, what clothes they wear when they go out, and what make up they put on?

This summer, get a makeover in the best and latest styles and single out in the crowd of millions. There was a time when sophistication was the order of the day; but the present era is the age of carefreeness, comfortable yet elegant self.


THE VIBRANT LOOK: Wear light, soft and eye –pleasing coloured clothes. Dark clothes absorb heat, and make you uncomfortable.


Let the vibrant, multi coloured clothes rule your life.

GO EASY: Wear loose, cotton clothes instead of tight fitted ones, because loose clothes let the air pass through the body easily, soaking your sweat and relaxing your senses.

WATCH OUT BEFORE YOU TAKE A LOAD: Carry a small sling bag instead of loading a heavy weight bag on your back to avoid sweating and uneasiness. The lighter you go, the better you feel.

sling bag

 LOCK THE FALL: Let your hair be tied in a messy bun or high ponytail to suit the latest trends. Let us say, give a halt to your ever favourite hair falling loose on you back. If you still feel the need to open, then wear a scarf to avoid direct contact of your hair on your neck as it causes irritation and sweating.

MINIMAL ACCESSORIES COVER UP: It is a time when neck pieces and bracelets kill away your patience and burden you with uneasiness. Be free, and don’t overload yourself with things that don’t matter. You look beautiful just the way you are, small artificial things don’t add to your glow, except on some occasions when your attire demands the presence of your accessory.

HATS ON: Hats are trendy, it add stars to your one piece knee- length western outfit or a vibrant trendy loose fitting garment. Not only this, it even protects your head from burning hot in afternoons and protects your eyes from direct sunlight. Let your style be complemented with styles that matter.

hatssling bag

NO BRIGHT OVER RATED MAKE UP: Make up in summer should just be to lighten dark pores to remove visible blemishes. It shouldn’t be dark and excessive. Make it as light as possible, preferably just wear eye make- up. A liner and mascara on your eyes and a simple lip gloss will make your face glow satiating the feel of finishing touch.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH FRESHNESS: Eat healthy to give a fresh look on your face. Avoid oily food, go for seasonal fruits and drinks, preferably food rich in vitamin C and B12. Drink a lot of water. The maintenance of inside body reflects on your outer body, thus, creating perfection.


This is the most important part of your attire- confidence. No matter how costly and perfect fitted clothes you are wearing, you would still look horrible if you are unable to carry yourself. ‘Beauty lies within you’; wear what suits your body. Create your own fashion. Fashion, today, is not determined by what is sold in the market, but the set combination of what you wear to suit your personality. Be simple and elegant. Remember, the clothes you wear don’t define you but your confidence. Your elegance is your precious possession. Be smart, confident,  dynamic and shine around in all weather throughout your existence.

Stop being conscious, redefine your own self with what you think perfectly suits you.

Be a newer you- because we respect uniqueness.