Are you contemplating on how to accessorize chic jewelry with your dressing to make you look more attractive?

Listed below are five jewelry tips and tricks that can solve that problem:

jewelry tips and tricks

Every piece of jewelry you use must add value to your outfit entirely. As recommended infamously by Coco Chanel, “Before stepping out from your house, a lady should stop and look into the mirror, then take out one piece of jewelry.” It is a great advice true. Checking to see if there is need to add or remove a piece of jewelry before leaving the house to address common jewelry errors like over-accessorizing and under-accessorizing. Just because a jewelry is attractive or sentimental does not mean that you can use it with every outfit.


Every piece must be directly proportional to your facial features and body frame. The secret to the success with most outfit is to control wherever the ‘eye’ goes. For example, necklace layering can exquisitely style an outfit as long as you are not overpowered by the net effect. Avoid wearing earrings that are very large to the extent of overlapping and overwhelming the earlobe.

Each piece of jewelry must complement the skin tone and outfit you wear, be it a Nike or any other trendy suit. It is very important to choose the jewelry that does not only look great with the outfit, but also enhances the user him/herself. Go for jewelries (metal and gemstone) that are easily available on online shopping stores which create an illumination on the natural skin tone. There is a wide range of color spectrum that has various hues in gold, silver, rose gold, turquoise, amethyst, etcetera. In general, jewelries with gold tones look fine on most women most especially when their skin are of blue undertones.


Each piece of jewelry used must be outfit and occasion appropriate. The modern style rules are more compassionate than the past times, even at workplace. For instance, a sophisticated chic, crystal necklace may be an ideal accessory for a full day of meeting activities but this is not a good idea because the glittering will distract your audience. And It is also important to note that the tone and vibe of your jewelry and outfit.

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Each piece of jewelry must be multipurpose or versatile. A great jewelry is not only a beautiful piece, but the complements it gives to several outfits. Matching bracelet adds no value to an outfit, this style is not only outdated, but it is a visual distraction the people direct more of their attention mainly to the jewelry and not the user. Plus, a matching set of jewelry is not versatile. Even, breaking up the set of jewelry and wearing it separately does not add anything fresh, new, or exciting to the daily outfits. It is recommended that noise-free jewelries especially during work based occasions.

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