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5 Delicious Banana Recipes To Try At Home

You'd be shocked to hear that the most commonly eaten fruit is banana, banana samosa and banana pakora in tasty dishes including banana chips. When you speak of bananas, very few people know it belongs to the berries family!


Bananas may be used in with a slight touch of sweetness. The culinary possibilities are endless of a banana is endless in this part of the world. In India, Banana Chips, Organic Banana Curry, Pachadis, Kebab and Pakodas are used in a number of preparations. Bananas are great for your taste buds. Bananas are rich in carbohydrates, excellent for digestion and aid in the production of healthy intestinal bacteria. Keep a few of them in your bag to tame the mid-meal starvation attacks or to energize yourself. B-vitamins, calcium, and antioxidants are also healthy components in bananas. We assume where there are bananas there is always possibilities of health and taste.

1.Banana Fritters


This is a typical, well-loved Malayali night snack that is popularly known as "Pazhampori." Battered, then deep-fried to dry, light brown chunky banana bits. Try it out without any delay, this will spice up your lockdown days.


2.Taley Kele Ka Korma

Give the conventional banana recipe a smart twist. This delicious item comes with a mix of onions, spinach plants and herbs, fried bananas and apples.

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3.Meen Vazhakkai Chops


In this item, the art of using raw bananas for some nightlife-snacks is taken to a level of artistry. To bring this recipe to life  all you need are fresh bananas, a bit of spices and 40 minutes. Let's make Vazhakkai chops a top priority on your to cook menu. This dish is rich in taste and health, something can make for a delightful feast with your family during these lockdown days.

4.Raw Banana And coconut kachori

These aren't your ordinary kachori. Banana pans are mixed in a blend of cocoon, sesame seeds, grapes, and other massalas with rice flour and spices. It is delightful when serrved hot or deeply fried! You may consider these as a breakfast option or even for lunch or dinner..

5.Baked raw banana samosa

Samosa prepared from raw banana, now that sounds exciting doesn't it. Baked l golden brown with chilli and spices, It is one of your best option with tea. You lockdown evenings won't be the same again, imdulge in some delightful evening snacking with tea and banana samosa. It's time to sip into happiness.

The above mentioned 5 dishes with banana will alter your perceptions about the  commonly regarded energy fruit. It's time to explore your possibilities of banana dishes. Don't restrict bananas to your usual post work out sessions . While at it, let's begin with the Your cooking experiments will now have multiple options. Let's go bananas.