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5 Easy Hacks To Keep Your Fresh Food Last Longer

You can't put them all in the freezer and expect them to last you for a long time. Sometimes putting them in the freezer can even cause damage faster. Some veggies and fruits last longer when kept outside at room temperature. And to make this easy for you here are 5 hacks that will keep your fresh foods last longer.

Roll Cucumbers in napkins

Fruits like lemon and Cucumber, especially known as the salad fruits release water when chilled in a freezer. And excess moisture can make your fruits and vegetables rot easily. And to avoid that from happening roll cucumbers and lemons in paper towels or napkins to soak in the extra moisture when released. If not your cucumbers and lemons will be filled with gunk at the end of the week.

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Keep the Bananas together

Bananas stay well if they are kept together. You should not separate the bananas from its bunch until you are eating it. Another thing you can do is keep them hanging at room temperature. Do not ever keep Bananas in the freezer. Keep them together as long as you are not eating one and snap them one by one while you eat.

An Apple a day keeps sprouts away

You don't love sprouted potatoes, do you? Well, nobody does. And to avoid the potatoes get sprouted what you can do is to put an apple with the potatoes. The Ethylene gas in apple keeps the potatoes fresh and firm longer than usual. But you should never put an apple with anything else because the same ethylene gas can be harmful to them. Keep apples separate in an airtight bag.

Keep the tomatoes out of the freezer

Don't put tomatoes in the freezer as the chill and extra moisture ruins their life. To keep them firm ad juicy for longer than usual keep them in your kitchen. Keeping them at room temperature will only enhance their taste. Potatoes and Onions are also not meant to be kept in the freezer. Keep them in a cool and dark place but freezer.

Keep your herbs in a glass of water

The herbs you buy from the market come in plastic packaging and keeping them as it is would be the biggest mistake you can make. Unlike some fruits and vegetables, herbs need more moisture to survive. But don't keep them in the freezer as well. Remove the plastic from them as soon as you bring them home. Wash them with clean water and put them in a glass of water, just like you do to keep flowers fresh. This way they will be fresh for a longer period of time.

Here are 5 hacks that will be helpful for you to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. Apply these hacks and enjoy your fresh foods for longer than usual.