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5 Foods To Eat Before You Hit The Treadmill

Some foods can directly affect your performance during the exercise session. It could either make it or break it. So mind what you eat before you start running on the treadmill. According to several nutritional reports, some foods will help you sweat it out on the treadmill, below are the names of them. 

Fruits and Nuts 

Fruits have low calories and higher levels of good carbs, protein, and fibre. Fruits are also low on fat. Eating fruits before you start running can be very good as fruits keep you full for a longer period. Besides fruits are very easy to digest, you don't have to wait for a long hour to get started with your running. You can have them any time before working out. On the other hand, nuts are also very filling. A few nuts before you start running will help you keep full.


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Berries and Yogurt 

Yoghurt is most probably the only single food item that has almost every important and nutritional properties. Yoghurt is good for strengthening your immunity power and also good for your bone health. Whereas, berries are rich in antioxidants and most importantly vitamin c. Both the ingredients help in removing all the harmful toxins from our body. So berries and yoghurts can be a great alternative also. 

Boiled Eggs or Omelet 

Egg contains low calorie but single-handedly provides other balanced nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. The protein in eggs helps build your muscle. Some people only eat the white part of the eggs whereas the other type of people eats the whole egg. You can have either one. If you prefer eating boiled eggs then you can have 2-3 of them before starting or you can make an omelette of 2-3 eggs and eat that. 


The best thing you can have is to drink a lot of water before you hit the treadmill. Even if you don't feel like eating any heavy meal before you hit the treadmill you can always just have one or two glass full of water. Water will help you stay hydrated throughout the process. Otherwise, your body will run out of the water and you will be unable to complete your run. A person should drink approximately 600 ml of water before working out. 

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are suggested to have before working out. As the name suggests these shakes are filled with proteins. Proteins help in keeping you full and provides the perfect amount of energy that will help you to perform well in your workout. Protein shakes come in various flavours, you can choose from the variety of options available in the market. 

These are some of the foods that will help you to perform well in your workout, you can eat them before hitting the treadmill.