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5 Foods Which Will Help You Get Rid Of Constipation

Sometimes the poor diet can give you constipation, besides that lack of physical exercise can also lead you towards constipation. If your stool passes slowly from the colon or if you have slower digestive system track then you can get constipation very easily. But there are some foods if you try those foods then it will help you to get rid of this health condition. 


Yoghurt contains microorganisms which are known as a proboscis. You must have heard that the probiotic is also known as good bacteria. These probiotics can help you to improve your health and also it can soften your tools. Research says that unflavored yoghurt contains polydextrose, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium lactis and that can treat your constipation. Hence, if you have any constipation syndrome then you must have yoghurt in your diet.

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Beans, lentils, chickpeas, and peas contain a heavy amount of fibre. These healthy nutrients help in your digestion. So, it can naturally cure constipation as well. Studies suggest that 100g of cooked pulses provide almost 26% of fibre and it helps to digest your food quickly. That means it can help you to get rid of from constipation. Besides that, 100g of pulses contains nutrients such as potassium, folate, zinc, and vitamin b6. These nutrients will help you to get rid of constipation.


Broccolis are rich in sulforaphane which will help you to digest your food easily. This sulforaphane helps to prevent the overgrowth of microorganisms and this can lead you towards the healthy digestion. Hence you have to add broccoli in your diet. You can take 20g of raw broccoli sprouts or 20g of alfalfa daily for 4 weeks to get rid of from constipation.  Broccoli sprouts are very good for your health and it will help to improve your bowel movements as well. 

Olive oil

Olive oil and flaxseed oils have a laxative effect and that can make your flow easy. Also, it will relieve your constipation as well. This oil contains some compounds that can make your stool's flow easy. Also, olive oil and flaxseed oil have the antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which will improve your digestion system also.  Even hemodialysis patients can take olive oil to relieve constipation. If you use olive oil into your cooking then it can help your stools to pass very easily. 


These are high in fibre. Fibre is known to prevent and relieve constipation. Fibre absorbs water and it also helps the stool to come out easily from your body. Bananas help to digest your food easily. So, you must have bananas in your breakfast. But you have to remember that ripe bananas are only helpful for constipation, so try to avoid unripe bananas. Even it can cure diarrhoea as well. 

Hence, you have to maintain the proper balance of healthy foods to get rid of from constipation.