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5 Mood-Boosting Foods In Diet During Covid-19 Crisis

This is not good for our health at all. Because the bad mood can cloud your judgment and eventually it will affect your relationships as well. The bad moods shut down the brain’s activity and then it’s very hard to co-operate with any circumstances. So, you have to maintain a good mood to cut down your anxiety. From this post, you are getting 5 mood-boosting foods that will help you to fight during this Covid-19 crisis by boost up your mood.




The delicious cocoa chocolates have the power to boost up your mood immediately. Dark chocolates or cocoa chocolates help to produce the endorphins and this chemical can make your brain active. Hence, whenever you will feel low try to have some cocoa chocolates and you can find the difference in your mood within a minute. Also, cocoa chocolate contains serotonin which is an antidepressant as well so, it can easily lift your mood.


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As everyone knows almonds are very healthy dry fruits. It contains vitamin b12 and this has the power to reduce the anxiety and the stress hormones in your body. Besides, that consuming almonds will produce your happy hormones. So, in this pandemic situation, you must add almonds in your diet to boost up your bad mood. Research says almonds can improve your physical and mental health. Almonds contain calcium and that helps to reduce the hormonal imbalance. Therefore, you must consume almonds to reduce stress, depression and irritability.




 If you like to have non-veg dishes and want to lift your mood then you must try fatty fishes. Salmon, tuna, mackerel are rich in omega 3 and fatty acids which helps stimulate the serotonin level. This serotonin can decrease your gloominess. Also, these fishes will keep your brain active all day. Besides that this fishes will always boost up your mood because they can make your brain cells more flexible. You can have fish in your lunch or your dinner to boost up your mood in this Coronavirus pandemic situation.




Try to eat blueberries in your breakfast every day because it can boost up your mood within hours. Blueberries are rich in flavonoid which helps to make your mood effectively positive. You can feel the results after 2 hours of eating them. You can suddenly feel joy, interest, alertness after consuming this. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, so it will help you to feel positive in this situation. Instead of blueberries, you can drink blueberry juice as well.


Green Vegetables


 Spinach, chard and some other dark leaf green vegetables are rich in magnesium which can stimulate serotonin levels and this helps to boost up your mood. Many people have the deficiency of magnesium and this deficiency can be a major risk towards anxiety and depression. Hence, you must add green vegetables in your diet to cope with this pandemic situation.


Include these five foods in your diet to boost up your mood in this stressful situation of Covid-19.