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The #1 had to be Sarojini Nagar, it deserves it. from being included in the rap of Yo yo Honey Singh to the first name under the shopping list of almost every girl, Sarojini nagar has always been the first love for every Delhite thinking of going for street shopping. From the trendy ruffed jeans to in-fashion plazos, from casual wear kurtas to wedding Sarees and ethnic wears, from tassel bags to leading-edge belts and crockeries, it’s a one –stop destination. Atleast, as a girl, I believe Sarojini shall never disappoint you with humongous choices of clothes to hot-trending accessories. So next time you think of saving your time and find all what you need (at least in apparels) at an unbelievingly affordable price, this could your dreamland.

Location: South-west Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: INA (yellow line)


The rivalry brother of Sarojini Nagar is Lajpat Nagar, offering you a great variety of apparels (both men and women) along with renowned jewelry shops to get the best blings for the wedding season. In considering the weather these days, the market shall leave you spell-bounded to the shape, color and designs of women- stoles offered. You can buy them at just Rs 50-100 and this equates into buying many stoles for each day to wear!

The market is also a shopping-destination for men offering shades for a heroic look (you know, fake Raybans) to swaggy shoes and belts.

Even home decoration goodies like scented plastic flowers to beautifully sculpted idols; you will get it all, in the nearby areas of the main market. Along with the vibrant choice of outfits ranging from party wears to daily rugs, Lajpat Nagar is famously known for the right- sense-hitting street food as well.

Location: South-west Delhi

Nearest Metro Station: Lajpat Nagar (Purple line)


This market is typically for the college-going students who want to match up with fashion even when they are struggling to cope up with their own lectures. Located near famous college campuses, the market seems to resort to the dire needs of the students by offering them a large variety of “super –in” apparels with an acceptable quality over a bonus of affordable prices.

From swanky mobile phone covers to “Dope” caps and the most-wanted crop-tops to the sophisticated jhumkas, the market fulfills the needs of all. Even if you don’t feel like shopping, you may visit the cafes nearby that provide you with quality food at student-pocket-friendly prices.

 Location: North Delhi (specifically, North Campus

Nearest Metro Station: Vishwa Vidayala, Yellow line 


Janpath or the alternate name is People’s path; the market is NOT- just about apparels and accessories. It offers a wide variety of home furniture to decorative paintings. It is also one of the famous tourist destinations for offering typical Indian stuff like carpets, silver jewelry, leather shoes ( jutis , Mojris , Kohlapuris) and sculptures of Indian Gods. If talking about apparels, you shall see piles of clothes on the streets with vibrant colors and sizes for all kinds, and ‘COOL’ T-shirts speaking about TYPICAL DELHI PEOPLE. Located in the heart of the city, it is a major crowd-attracter, bursting with many kinds of people, especially on weekends. Thus, choosing a week-day for Janpath shall sound more rational.

Location: Near Connaught place

Nearest metro station: Rajeev Chowk (yellow line)/ Janpath (Violet line)


 The word ‘Bazaar’ itself describes a market offering a large variety of lucrative shopping items with the much needed hodge-podge of people. With being ‘world widely’ known ( just like Indians say “world-famous”),the market does not stops at just apparels but even electronics like mobile phones, music systems, bluetooth-speakers, hair-straighteners, study lamps and whatnot. You may even find CD’s and DVD’s of latest Bollywood movies at shockingly low price. If you were longing to have a body –tattoo, the services of the same are already present.  Not just that, it’s one of the first underground AC market located at the centre of Cannought Place. In this dreadful, unbearable heat, one may choose a breezing underground market over an open-street. Palika bazaar could be like a Genie in a bottle for all those looking out for gadgets to apparels at the lowest of its costs.

Location: Connaught Place (adjacent to Janpath)

Nearest Metro Station: Rajeev Chowk (yellow line)


 For all the bikers who are in love with leather-jackets, this place shall not disappoint you, by offering good quality jackets within affordable limits. For girls, there is much more to buy apart from apparels, like junk jewelry to in-fashion boots and sandals. The market is also known as Tibetan colony or mini-Tibet due to the dominant number of Tibetan refugees as local residents. Apart from being a bliss for fashionistas, the place offers quality Tibetan cuisine in fine dining restaurants and funky cafes to awaken your taste-buds with the homely- delicacies of Tibet.

Also, the market is situated near a magnificent Gurdwara, on the banks of the river Yamuna. Legend claim that a Muslim hermit who ferried people across the river was blessed by Guru Nanak Dev for his selfless devotion and this sanctuary immortalizes his memory. Apart from an interesting history, the Gurdwara never fails to fulfill your cravings for a tasty langar (especially, the halwa). If you are looking forward to a unique-experience along with good street-shopping, Majnu ka Tila is the right choice.

Location:  New Aruna Nagar Colony (alternative name for Maju ka Tila), North Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station: Vidhan Sabha (yellow line) 


 This market can be also known as the godfather of all the street-markets in   Delhi. Being one of the oldest street-market (dominantly), Karol Bagh is also a growing market for business and other commercial activities. Karol Bagh is quite a huge market and thus, one cannot definitely roam around the entire market in one visit. The Karol Bagh “industry” is separated into different roads that house own market wherein each road market focuses primarily on offering a specific product or products. For example, ‘Silver Street’ is a jewelry lane that only offers Silver and Silver Jewellery along with partial gemstones and diamond. The Goldsmiths and Craftsmen here are known as very well-known in same field throughout country. Following to which, a ‘Gadget street’ offering various electronics at slashed prices. CAUTION: Don’t be fainted upon hearing an unbelievingly low price of Skull-candy Headphones (which will obviously not be original). Karol Bagh is one of the biggest outlets for footwear at affordable prices for both men and women. Also, imported products like chocolates, candies, shampoos, deodorants and other daily used items are available at a comparatively low cost.

Location: Central Delhi

Nearest Metro Station:  Karol Bagh (blue line)

Thus, step into any of these markets and you shall not go empty handed along with an experience to be remembered for quite long. The markets shall always leave a significant mark over your thoughts on Delhi, its people, its colors’ and its over-indulging love for everything.