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Accolades To The Woman Behind The Cremica Biscuits

She started her journey as a homemaker. Like billions of others across the globe dedicating her life to her home and hearth in a bid to make it a more wholesome, more fulfilling, and warmer place for her family, friends and relatives. Mrs. Rajni Bector was yet to come to terms with the astounding success which awaited her in the coming years. Finding her niche in the kitchen, she was soon acknowledged as a pro who could weave magic on the oven with her range of baked goodies. Offered as a gift of love to her immediate friends and neighbours, the delectable taste of her treats soon made her a local celebrity with people reaching out to her for professional orders. She was the one – woman in charge of procuring raw materials, inventing recipes, trying them in her humble kitchen and rustling up exotic flavours which wafted from her kitchen and reached far.

Word of mouth got around and she was soon neck-deep in orders from friends and acquaintances who found it difficult to forget the feeling of home baked goodies and once initiated were hooked to it. Since then the baby steps were unstoppable. What started as specialized made to order treats, specially customised for a selected client base by this stalwart Mrs. Rajni Bector, soon made its way for the biggest of conglomerate, Cremica. By her own admission, she states that what started off as a hobby for her to satiate her friends and relatives, chartered the way for a full-fledged business empire, just on account of the immense appreciation and love she received for her culinary skill. Holding steadfast to her commitment to quality, freshness and taste, the standards of goodness has remained intrinsic to her enterprise, reflecting her commitment to deliver the very best for her customers.

The small level enterprise flagged off by this entrepreneur in 1978 found immense support from the market, which spoon lapped up the products, on account of its commitment to quality and taste. Biscuits, breads and ice-creams are the staple goodies on offer and down the years it has emerged as a leading brand in Premium Food Products and is setting new benchmarks across India.

The food processing unit started by this matriarch has adhered closely to globally certified production standards and blended it with the secret ingredients that is a nurturer’s love.

Mrs. Rajni Bector has always been very clear, right from the start, that everything aside, she would hold aloft the principle of delivering quality and authentic products, which can be consumed by the children, ailing and the elderly too without any misgiving. At Cremica, every ingredient that goes inside is handpicked and the use of the latest manufacturing processes like Kaizen, 5 S, Six Sigma, Andon System, Poke Yoke and Value Stream Mapping ensure that minimum nutrition is lost in the processing unit and maximum goodness reaches out to the customer.

The series of awards bestowed on this woman for her entrepreneurship and quality products stands testimony to this lone woman’s journey and the distance she has travelled since then:

  • The series of Business Women of the Year, awarded personally by Hon’ble President, Shri A.P.J Adbul Kalam Azad and Hon’ble Finance Minister of India,

  • CII Award for Food Safety Excellence.

  • Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Award of 2017.

  • Uddyog Ratan Award, conferred by Sh. Prakash Singh Badal, Chief Minister of Punjab in 2010.

  • Awarded by FIICCI for Business and Entrepreneurship by Mrs. Sheila Dixit in 2009.

  • Awarded for outstanding contribution in the field of Entrepreneurship by FICCI in 2008-2009.

  • Bharat Vikas Parishad Award of Excellence in 2008.

  • The Best Woman Entrepreneur Award by the State Govt. of Punjab in 2006.

  • PHDCCI Award by Capt. Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab in 2005.

  • Award for Social Service by Sh. Jagjivan Ram, Defence Minister, Govt. of India in 1996.

  • Business Woman of the Year Award given by Ludhiana Management Association in 1991.

  • Award for leading Social Service Projects by Giani Zail Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab in 1979.

  • Award for Social Contribution by S. Swaran Singh, Foreign Minister in 1974.

Her USP lies in constantly upgrading her skills, learning of new innovations and experimenting with flavours. The change in customer palate have led this entrepreneur to be experimental in the choice of flavours under her brand name and today, Cremica boasts of an innovative range of biscuits, in keeping with global and indigenous palate preference. With new nutritional awareness and food intolerances being discovered, she states, one cannot afford to be complacent, if one has to stay ahead in this endeavour to deliver wholesome, nutritional alternatives, appealing to diverse taste palates.

The recent pledge made by her brand to plant 100 saplings every year is another feather in her cap towards promoting a ‘Green India, Clean India’.