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Like Eating Outrageously Spicy Rajasthan Food Faagio Knows The Best Restaurants In Delhi NCR

Rajasthan is one of the most exotic places to visit in India because of its breathtaking landscapes and sprawling desert. Even Hollywood finds Rajasthan as their favorite hunting ground to make films because of its rich history and beautiful buildings which many call architecture wonders. However Rajasthan is also very popular for its cuisine and many of the dishes are world renowned.

Since Delhi has always been the food capital of India, Rajasthan cuisine has always been on the forefront and one of the most popular dishes to eat. The Rajasthan dishes are one of those rare combinations where the vegetarian and non vegetarians dishes are equally good. However in Delhi the Rajasthani vegetarian restaurants are more popular, so we are going to check out some of the best Rajasthan restaurants in Delhi NCR.


Located in the very posh Defense Colony this place is very popular joint to enjoy traditional Rajasthan meal. The restaurant is elegant and the food is exquisite. Many times patrons find it difficult to finish off all the dishes served on their plates. This place is absolute vegetarian delight and very cost effective.

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant     

Connaught Place has always been the center of Delhi and Rajdhani Thali Restaurant caters to the need of hungry crowd in busy lunch time. This place serves a Varity of dishes which are thoroughly enjoyed and again this is a very cost effective place.

Pawana Restaurant         

Delhi Haat is one of the most popular destinations for those interested in art and craft but this place is also one of the most popular places to enjoy variety of Indian cuisine and again the Rajasthani food served here is very mouthwatering and also the entire trip always turns out to be a fun outing.

Suruchi Vegetarian restaurant

Located in the hustle and bustle of Karol Bagh Ajmal Khan road this restaurant is thronged by hungry crowd after a busy day of shopping. This place is again known for serving some of the best and authentic Rajasthan food. The good news is this restaurant is also located in Ghaziabad & Faridabad.

Rajasthan House

This place is run by the state government of Rajasthan and the food served here is very good and it is very cheap. Since this also a place from where a bus to various cities of Rajasthan starts, this is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast, launch ad dinner before your journey begins or terminates.