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A Fish? Or An Ice Cream?

New Yorkers are going berserk since this new store has opened up. The Internet is already gone into meltdown since the arrival of this new unique Japanese-influenced ice-creams are in town.

No, no don’t get confused. It does look like a fish, but it is not. Is it an ice-cream? Not entirely, no. It is a twist with Japan’s most beloved cakes known as Taiyaki. These storm troopers are Taiyaki ice-cream cones. Sounds yum! Yes it is and the Internet and New Yorkers have made it ‘o-Fish-ally’ awesome!


Taiyaki is a Japanese sweet cake which is fish-shaped and it literally translates to “baked sea bream”. It is made with a rich waffle or pancake batter and is traditionally filled with a sweet adzuki red bean paste. The distinctive design of this popular confectionery comes from the uniquely fish designed cast moulds which they are heated in.


This popular Japanese delight has now traveled across the Pacific and hit the new store in the heart of New York’s Chinatown, Tayaki NYC, and Little Italy, a brand popular among the people around the globe for its stunning sweets.

The stunning modified dessert is made from a batter that will give a slightly crispier waffle and a fish mouth that’s a little larger to hold the creamy soft ice cream, while its tail hides in it a surprise filling of custard or red bean paste. They are also available in variety of flavors such as, Green Tea and Black Sesame, Chocolate, and Plain Vanilla. There are various toppings available including sprinklers, fresh strawberries, wafers, sticks of mochi glutinous rice pieces, etc.