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Warren Anderson former CEO of Union Carbide dies

The former CEO of now defunct Chemical giant Union Carbide Warren Anderson passed away in the ripe old age of 92 according to reports from Times of India. Mr. Anderson was in charge of the company when the Bhopal gas tragedy occurred in which according to official estimate 3787 people died but the reality on the ground was quite different.

Warren Anderson was tried and the Indian courts also called him absconder from justice, but he never saw a day in prison. After the tragedy when he visited the chemical plant he was arrested but realized after posting bail. Back in 1984 it was not possible to arrest a powerful CEO of a multinational company who also happens to an American citizen. If this had happened in the US the guilty party would have not only paid large sums of money but the guilty party would have also faced jail time.

It is not beyond a reason of the doubt the Congress government which was in power at that time clearly let Warren Anderson from the hook and those Indians who were later convicted was nothing but a token response and it was also too late.

The company paid 470 million dollars as compensation but no one knows how much money actually managed to reach the victims of this tragedy. Plus scores of more people died due to the after effect for years to come from various ailments like Lung Cancer and failure of kidneys and liver.