PUBG Mobile To Return As 'Battlegrounds Mobile' In India According To Krafton

The gaming giants, Krafton on Wednesday  announced that they will be  launching “Battlegrounds Mobile India” soon. Earlier there were reports that PUBG Mobile India will be launched with a new name. But like its happening for a long time now, Krafton still hasn’t provided a specific  launch date for the upcoming and most awaited mobile game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is considered to offer world class battle royal  multiplayer gaming experience on mobile.  The game will be free of cost to play  and it will be available only in the Indian regions. The game will boast exclusive in-game features  like outfits and Skins. Users can either purchase them through game currency called UCs or by accomplishing missions.

The biggest aspect of Battlegrounds Mobile India is that it will  have its own esports ecosystem with regular tournaments and leagues in collaboration with its partners. Krafton is also planning to host a variety of India specific in-game events and features at the game's launch.

The game will be a revival for the e-sports scenario in India. The huge prize pools and the handsome salaries of Esports players will attract the youth to choose gaming as a career. Prominent  competitive players like Tanmay Singh a.k.a. 'Scout' and Jonathan from TSM-entity will be looking to make a comeback as Indian esport stars.

Talking about the launch date of the game, Krafton still hasn't announced a confirmed date for the same. Although they have confirmed a period of pre-registration before the launch of the game. It looks like Krafton is pretty confident about launching Battlegrounds Mobile India this time around after announcing back in November the launch of PUBG Mobile India but failed to do so. Looking at the teaser image, the game looks exactly like PUBG Mobile with a significant change in the logo. The logo also is designed with the tricolour of the Indian flag inscribed on it.

Previously when Krafton announced PUBG Mobile India, it said the game would have significantly India centric features. A similar approach is expected to be followed for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton also stated that they will be working with their partners to ensure complete data protection and security.  This will be done to ensure privacy rights and all data collection and storage will be in full compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in India and for the  players here, Krafton said in a statement.