3 Delicious Ways To Give Kids Vitamin C

Making not so good things but adding healthy twists to them is a great trick to give them the necessary protein without them even realizing it, and they will enjoy this experience and grow up to be healthy children with strong bones. Get them the daily dose of vitamin C with the following delicious menu and treat them with it –

Cauliflower Mac and cheese

 We know it for the fact that every child loves mac and cheese, so why not add the healthy factor to turn something they love into something which is suitable for their bone mass intensity too and will help them into their growth also. Add the robust vitamin C boos of cauliflower in usual, habituated mac and cheese. Though they will notice this change, the result would be so finger-licking good that they wouldn't be able to resist. The recipe is quite simple, boil the cauliflower until it is soft and then finely chop it. Then add cream butter and salt to it and put it into a food processor and make it into a puree and blend it. Put it into a dish and mix it with cheese and melt it until bubbly. Sauté the onions and then cook them half heated until they appear brown and then add vinegar. Top the French mixture and add onto it the cauliflower mash and mix and then proceed to enjoy! Your kids are going to love this new change of taste.

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Zucchini Pizza Casserole

Children need to be fed vitamins and various other calcium filled food because these help in their growth and are significant for their body. Zucchini is a potent source of vitamin C and also helps in improving skin, especially, and even the recipe is excellent for a quick delicious dinner. Place the zucchini in the palate and sprinkle salt on it and let it sit for round about 10 minutes, which will help pull out water from it and after 10 minutes, squeeze the moisture out of it. In a prepared dish, put a combination of zucchini, eggs, and a blend of parmesan, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese and then mix it and put the mix into a baking dish in a way that it is a crust and bake it for 20 minutes. Top it with pizza sauce and pepperoni, and you can even add the remaining cheese and again bake till heated through and the cheese is melted fine.

Mango Smoothie Bowl

As high as it is to start your day off with this colourful bowl of fruits, it is a fact that it is filled with vitamin C enrichment. And even if you're not from a tropical climate, you could grab them from the first aisle of any supermarket of the store. The only few things you will need for making this smoothie are Mangoes (of course), pineapple, blueberry, and coconut, and spices such as ginger and cinnamon could add great flavour to it. Your child is going to love this fruit smoothie while being unaware of how good it is for them.