4 Proven Ways To Boost Your Immunity

High immunity is what protects us from common cold and flu along with several microbes that you can't even see by your naked eyes. With all the stress and trauma going on around it is the best time to do these things to boost your immunity. Also, these are not some fancy foods that you take once in a while and forget about them for the rest of the days. It is a way of a healthy lifestyle, by adding these things in your daily life you will make sure unwanted diseases never happens to you or your family.

Consume foods that are filled with Antioxidants

Antioxidants play an important role in the human immune and defense system. Vitamin c is full of antioxidants that help grow our immunity strong. Antioxidants slower the process of ageing that's why consuming food with high antioxidants will slow the ageing process making us strong and less prone to fall sick. Antioxidants are available in several food items like,

• Any kind of berries
• Coffee
• Dark chocolate
• Kidney beans
• Apples
• Green tea or herbal tea
• Fish with a high amount of oil and
• Vegetables such as tomatoes and greens
• Garlic as an immunity booster

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Taking a love of garlic can do wonders to boost our immunity. Garlic is being used for ages now to prevent different diseases. Some studies even prove that garlic can kill cells in some type of cancers. Other than all these good things garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that make it an immunity booster. According to the studies, garlic has something called allicin that helps in boosting the white blood cell count-a key ingredient in boosting immunity.

Try Taking these supplements to boost your immunity

Vitamin D: 

• Vitamin D is more like a superfood that acts as a hormone. It helps in boosting testosterone and some other anabolic hormones that are the key ingredient to boost immunity. It also helps fighting diabetes and helps in losing fat.
• Another very important mineral is zinc which has moreover 200 chemical reactions in the human body that helps improving immunity, just like Vitamin D it also promotes testosterone hormone to help your immunity grow.

Another tip is that if you are already feeling ill and drowsy start taking Vitamin C as it acts as an instant immunity booster, it will help you recover soon from what you are suffering from.

Some other ways which you can follow to get strong immunity

• Eat as much as green vegetables as you can along with fibres from resistant starch. It has the special ability to provide multiple health benefits and improving gut health.
• Try to reduce stress, stress is like the enemy too strong immunity.
• Try doing physical exercise, yoga, meditation, and any other form of exercise that will help you boost energy and immunity.

Here are some proven ways to grow your immunity stronger. Live a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy foods to lead a healthy and happy life.