5 Best Exercises To Do At Home Without Any Equipment

Here's a list of five such as-


Squats are beneficial and are performed as a leg workout. This is quite a simple workout but is often presented with a wrong form. The right way to do a squat is to start with your feet apart and at hip distance. Keep your knees right above your ankle and then bend it while moving your butt backward, as if you are trying to sit in a chair. See to it that your knees and lower part of your leg form a 90 degree, but if you can't do it without compromising your form, it is okay. Always make sure that your knee does not pass your toe. Stand up again and do the same. Do ten reps and three sets of this.

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This is another workout for your healthy legs and helps in improving your quads. You should do it in the correct form. Otherwise, your whole effort will be drowned in vain. You can start with either of the legs, move it forward, and the other leg at hip-distance apart, and now you will find yourself in a split stance. Bend the knees and keep the forward knee just over your ankles. The breakpoint will be when your forward leg and the back leg make a 90-degree angle. Stand up and do it again with your other leg. You should do ten reps and three sets of this.


One of the most basic and essential chest workouts, to do pushups start in a plank position with your hands a bit wider from shoulders and palms flat on the floor. Keep your head, neck, and back straight and aligned perfectly and see to it that your lower back does not sag. Bend the elbows in a way to bring your chest down towards the floor, but don't let it touch it and then pull yourself up again and return to the same position you started from. Always remember, if you are having difficulty in doing regular pushups, do knee pushups, which is done by bending your knee to keep it on the ground and do the same thing. Do three sets of 10 reps.


An excellent exercise for your back and also help in increasing height. Start with your palms wrapped around a bar at a bit wider than your shoulder length. Tighten your core. Start by pulling yourself up and make sure that your chin passes the bar and then slowly bring yourself back down but don't touch the ground. Make sure not to repeat it in the same process again. Start slow with five reps and two sets of this.


One of the easiest yet essential workout, rotation is a part of almost every human motion, and most sports require some rotation. Start with standing straight with an exceptional alignment and hold a weighted object. It can be a ball or gym weights or any weighted object which you can handle. Hold the weight in front of you with your arms stretched straight. Rotate the object from one side to another while keeping your legs fixed in one place and make sure to maintain a good posture. Do this a few times.