5 Common Ways You Can Make A Cold Worse

This article will inform you about some of the common ways in which you often make the cold worse and last longer.

1. Overtreatment of the cold 

Multiple cold medications are readily available over the counter in various chemist shops, such as nasal sprays. We often tend to use nasal sprays very casually. Some people can be seen using these sprays more frequently than it has been so prescribed. This overuse is not healthy and can make you feel a lot worse if used too much. If you have a habit of using the spray too much, you should review this habit. Nasal drops, when used continuously for more than 3 or 4 days, can cause swelling of the nasal membrane. It is highly advised that you should be following the instruction that has been mentioned on the back of the medicine. It is recommended to consult the doctor instead of indulging in self-medication.

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2. Smoking 

Smoking has long been considered an unhealthy habit. The use of tobacco often makes the prevailing conditions of cold worse, especially if you have a cough. When you are suffering from a cold, your lungs are already in an irritating condition. On top of that, when you smoke, you tend to make this irritation much worse. It is highly advisable to take a break from smoking while you have a cold. It is also suggested to avoid second-hand smoke, or any passive smoking for it also has an equally irritating effect on the lungs.

3. You are not keeping yourself well hydrated. 

Whenever you are feeling sick, you should be drinking a lot of fluids. Keeping your body hydrated keeps the mucous membranes moist. This, in turn, helps them to trap the virus effectively and flush them out when you are feeling sick. Drinking lots of water helps in keeping the body healthy and keeps the toxins away.

4. Overuse of antibiotics

The virus is the primary reason behind colds and flu. Viruses do not respond to antibiotics. If you consume a large number of antibiotics throughout your life, your body tends to start developing resistance, thus rendering them ineffective if you develop any illness because of some bacteria. In case of the common cold, you should rather wait and get it over rather than using any medicine.

5. Spreading of the germs around

When you have developed the typical cold case, you must keep your mouth and nose covered whenever you sneeze as you are a carrier of germs which can make others sick if they also come in contact with the virus. Washing your hands frequently is also recommended.

These are the five most common ways you can make your cold worse. Therefore, you must take good care of yourselves.