5 Early Warning Signs Of Heart Disease

Heart disease is a condition that negatively affects your heart or its surrounding blood vessels. If you get any heart disease then, first of all, it will decrease the blood flow, then your heart will stop getting the oxygen it requires. Then you can get the chest pain. Heart disease can give you death. So, you must cure your heart disease or even a nutritious diet can help to prevent heart disease. Before that, you have to understand the early signs of heart disease.

What is chest discomfort?

Chest discomfort is a very common and strong sign of heart disease. If you are feeling pain, tightness, or any kind of pressure in your chest then it means your artery has blocked or you are having a heart attack. Some patients say that “an elephant is sitting on the top of them or some other people say it can feel like pinching or burning”. These signs are the warning of heart disease. These feelings can even last longer than a minute. You can feel these kinds of symptoms while doing exercise or rest.

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Heartburn and stomach pain

Many people have nausea, indigestion, heartburn, or stomach pain during a heart attack. During heart attacks, you can feel vomit or stomach problems for many reasons. But sometimes you can get stomach problems for many other reasons as well. This is not directly connected with your heart. It can happen for digestive problems. But you have to keep in mind that it can also happen during a heart attack. If you are feeling something like this then you must visit a doctor.

Symptoms of heart defects

Several serious heart defects can usually come soon after birth. Even, some symptoms can come later in childhood or adulthood. But you should know some symptoms are not life-threatening as well. A Few early signs of heart disease are
• Skin can easily get pale, grey, or blue colour.
• You can get swelling in your legs, abdomen pain, swelling around eyes, or swelling in the abdomen. These are the early signs of heart defects.
• A child can have some symptoms like shortness of breathing, breathing issues during feeding and even the child can gain weight very easily if the child already has any heart disorder.
• An adult can easily face shortness of breathing while exercising.
• However, an adult can easily get tired during exercise or any kind of physical activity in order to keep healthy.

Long-lasting cough

In the majority of cases cough is not a sign of heart trouble. But if you already have heart problems, then you should give attention to this also. If you are facing a cough for a long time then it can be an early sign of heart disease. Even, if that produces white mucus or pink mucus then it could be a clear sign of heart disease. Besides that, cold sweat is the obvious reason of heart attack.

Here are some early signs of heart disease. If you are facing any of them feel free to share with your doctor.