5 Foods And Drinks To Avoid When Working Out

Proper food is very important in this case. There are certain foods that you should avoid eating when working out i.e. before you start the workout and after you finish it. Here is a list that will help you distinguish between the things you should avoid while working out.

Dairy Products

Quintessential milk, cottage cheese, and other dairy products are must-haves in a proper diet. They are filled with proteins and other healthy nutrients. As much as you should implement these dairy food items in your diet you must avoid them when working out. The lactose in milk and other dairy products can cause you intestinal cramps while working out and can even lead to strain in your body. To refuse any of these to happen to avoid having dairy products shortly before or after working out.

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Oily/Fatty foods

You can have a moderate amount of oily, fried, and fatty foods in your diet. If you are on a strict diet you can have them in your cheat days. You are attracted to them because they are tasty, they fill your mouth with water and make you want to eat more. But whatever you do don't even think of eating those yummy fries before or after your workout session. The pizzas, burgers, French fries, pakodas you love to eat are filled with saturated fats and can cause bloating and cramps during the process.

Drinks with added sugars

Packed beverages such as the coke, soda, health drinks, and even fruit juices have added sugars, besides the gas in them can cause bloating, cramps, or even abnormal bowel symptoms. The fructose in the packaged fruit juices is hard to digest causing pain and irritation while working out. On the other hand, the other beverages lead to expanding your stomach which is very unhealthy as well.

Sweet Desserts

Those pastries and cakes you trip over are the big no-nos before or shortly after the workout as well. These desserts are loaded with creams and frosting that has loads of sugar in them. It adds a lot of calories which makes it even harder to burn. Other than that they are filled with carbohydrates as well that make your blood sugar level drop and spike irregularly.

Nuts and Beans

Nuts and beans are filled with protein and fiber which is healthy, and even important if you are on a proper diet. But having them near your workout time is the mistake you should not make. The concentrated fibers in them can cause gas, bloating, and indigestion while working out. The best time would be to eat them 2 hours before or after your workout.

These are 5 of many foods and drinks that you should avoid when working out.