5 Foods That Fight Bloating

Bloating can deliver pain, discomfort, and stuffed feeling. Due to bloating your stomach look bigger. This is not at all a comfortable thing. On the other hand, passing the gas in socially is another embarrassing thing. So, you have to cure the situation for your comfort.

The exciting part is many foods can help you to fight bloating.


 Curd or Yogurt


Stop worrying about culprit bloating and start having yogurt. Yogurt is enriched with probiotics. These probiotics are also known as good bacteria. This helps to maintain a healthy digestive system. Also, it calms down the swelling and inflammation. Research says yogurt is the best solution for bloating. So, start having yogurt in your diet. You can mix it with any fruit as well. Also, after having yogurt at least for seven days, you can see some visible changes, so, start having yogurt or curd in your lunch or dinner.

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Bananas are good for a healthy body. When it comes to bloating then no one will believe that it can work like wonders. You must have heard about potassium. And banana is an important medium of getting potassium. One single banana holds 422mg of this mineral. This is more than enough to maintain the fluid ratio in your body. Banana helps to maintain the flat tummy as well. Banana can give you enough starch, which helps to reduce constipation. Also, it helps to reduce the causes of bloating. If you want to get more digestive related good results then start having bananas.




Ginger has been using for digestive issues for ages. It can reduce all kinds of digestive issues. Ginger helps to reduce bloating. Also, it encourages the motility and helps to clear your stomach. There are some compounds like gingerols and shogaols which act as the carminatives. These carminatives reduce the growth of flatulence. Hence, whenever you are feeling bloated try to have ginger. You can make your ginger tea with some herbs that would be a good option to control your bloating. And you can simply eat fresh ginger to reduce your bloating and other discomforts.


Green Coconut Water


Coconut is full of water retention causing potassium. Hence, it contains plenty of electrolytes too. The potassium helps to reduce the sodium. If you are going through with bloating then you must try coconut water as much as you can. Sometimes sweet coconut water can cause you digestive issues so, it’s better to drink low sugar coconut water.


Dark- Chocolate


Each dark chocolate contains two grams of fiber which helps to improve your digestive system. Also, dark chocolate is very famous among all teenagers as well. Also, it helps to tract GI as well. So, if you are not feeling comfortable in any public situation then you can have dark chocolate to calm down the situation.


Here, are the five foods that can help you to reduce the causes of bloating.