5 Foods That Fight Cold

This happens because they have low immunity. To prevent cold or flu there are some foods that you can include in your diet. All these foods are enriched with vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. By implementing these foods in your regular diet, you can increase your family's ability to fight against the bacteria and keep the sneezes and coughs at bay.


When it comes to regular cold and flu then ginger is the best option that can give you relief. Ginger is famous for treating cold. Some international journal says ginger can work as preventive medicine. So, if you are taking ginger with your meal, then it can save you from cold. Also, ginger has some anti-inflammatory properties that can directly affect the cold and flu causing bacteria. The inflammatory properties can immune your body from cold, so you should not miss ginger especially in the winter-time. So, you must add ginger in your diet to boost your immunity.

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Add Tomatoes in Your Diet

You can have tomato juice when you are sick. Tomatoes are high with vitamin c, so it can keep you aside from flue and cold. Only one ripen tomato contains over 16 milligrams of vitamin C, which is the ultimate fuel to boost your body’s immune process. Vitamin c can strengthen your body’s phagocytes and t-cells. The research also says that a lack of nutrient deficiency can lead you towards a weak immune system. So, you should have tomatoes in your diet to boost your immune system.

Eat More Kiwi

The Kiwi fruit is loaded with vitamin c, antioxidants, and vitamin e. It’s the only fruit that can cure your cold and flu. But it’s very necessary to prevent it in the primary stage. Vitamin c controls the production of antibodies and white blood cells inside your body that helps to fight against the flu and cold-causing infections. Your body needs vitamin e for the production of immune-globulins. These are also known as the bodyguards of your body. You can eat kiwi with your yoghurt.

Dark Chocolate

Believe this or not, but dark chocolate is extremely helpful to fight with cold. Dark chocolate contains a high amount of theobromine, that kills the alleviate coughing. Research also says that theobromine is very beneficial to fight with bronchitis, but if you are facing it for a long time then you must consult with your doctor. But dark chocolate can help you to fight with cold.


  • Mushrooms are the amazing immune boosters.
  • Mushrooms are rich in polysaccharide, which can activate your immune system.
  • It can prevent infections.
  • Mushrooms are rich in vitamins, polyphenols, sterols, and zinc.
  • All these things can make your immune system healthy and strong.

A low immune system can cause you several health diseases, so you must try these foods to reduce the risk of cold and other chronic diseases.