5 Nutrition Tips For Weight Loss

Who doesn’t want to look good, feel confident but most importantly, stay healthy? Many of you must have tried to lose weight but have not succeeded yet. The problem with following diets or tips on staying healthy is all about the lifestyle. This has to be your lifestyle and stick by it as if it is your wealth. 

As the proverb goes, “Health is Wealth”. Here are some easy 5 Nutrition tips for Weight Loss:

1. Drink Water

Most of you must have heard this tip over and over again, yet you don’t take it seriously because it sounds so easy right? But, this is one of the best natural methods to help you lose weight. It is often claimed drinking water before meals can burn metabolism by 24-30% over one hour. 

2. Avoid Sugar 

Do you know insulin is responsible for storing your fat? If this is new information for you, then avoid sugar as much as you can as it derived from starch and carbohydrates. It is best advised to avoid anything sweet. If you are craving something sweet, you can try eating jaggery with some honey which is an alternative.

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3. Drink Green Tea

Just as coffee, green tea has its benefits! It contains a small amount of caffeine with powerful antioxidants which are believed to enhance fat burning. Green tea is the best supplement to help you lose weight. 

4. Control Calories

When you are in the process of losing weight, make sure to monitor what you eat. Most importantly, monitor your calories! Yes, it’s not easy to keep tabs of it, however, the best way is to cut on your portions and that way you can count your calories. 

5. Eat Rich Fibre Food

Dietary fibre is a plant-based nutrient that does a lot of work to help you lose weight. Fibre is important to weight loss, blood sugar regulation and cholesterol maintenance. Soluble fibre is said to form a gel that sits in the gut, this tends to slow down the food movement and slow the digestion of nutrients.  


These are very simple tips which require you to follow every day. And, if you live by them, it is guaranteed, you will not just lose weight, but you will have a healthy and happy lifestyle

Apart from these tips, you can also shed your fat by exercising, meditation and get some good beauty sleep. Eating right and exercising also contributes a lot to your healthy lifestyle as it is a gradual process and it is important to stay in the process. With a little patience, you will be successful in your desire to lose weight in no time.