5 Reasons Why Cooking With Olive Oil Is Unhealthy

But what they don't understand is that heating or cooking olive oil can kill all the good nutrients it has in it. Olive oil is meant for salads and things but not cooking. As long as you are using olive oil for salads and things like that it is okay to consume but the moment you are heating it or cooking food with it the oil loses all its nutritional value. Below are some of the reasons why you should not cook with olive oil.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Expensive 


The first thing is that extra virgin olive oil is very expensive. Not a lot of people can afford that. And you might not aware of the fact that olive oil does not go everything you cook. So you don't want to invest in something that you can't even use for everything. The other oils that are available in the market are saturated fats. Oils like ghee, coconut oil, and avocado oils are some of the better choices and also cheaper than olive oil.

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Polyphenols get destroyed by heat


The polyphenol in extra virgin olive oil is good for your health and heart. As soon as the polyphenol comes in contact with heat all the goodness evaporates from it. There's no point in using something that will not benefit you after cooking. The hydroxytyrosol or luteolin in polyphenol gets destroyed when it comes to close contact with heat. It can't even tolerate 5 minutes of heat under 461 degrees Fahrenheit to 188 degrees Celcius.


Heat kills Omega and Fatty Acids


As you can see heat is the main problem in cooking olive oils. Heat also destroys the omega 3 and fatty acids in the process. Your body parts such as the retina, brain, and sperm continue 36.4% fatty acids. But the Fatty acids in olive oil get destroyed by the heat as soon as it comes in contact with. Though the exact temperature in which the fatty acids burn is not sure. But, surely, they do.


Artificial Olive Oils


Some of the olive oils that are available in the market are not even real. The sellers sell it only by name. They mix other low-quality oils in them as well to make it look like olive oil. They mix cheap quality chemicals as well to make the oil smell like original olive oils. This type of olive oils is bad for your health they can lead to inflammations as well.


Consume it as it is


Olive oil is good for your health as long as you take this uncooked. You can use it to make salads and all. But don't cook it or heat it to cook food. That will kill all the goodness in it. Olive oils are meant to use as salads and not for cooking.


These are some of the reasons why you should not use olive oil for cooking.