5 Signs Of Malnutrition

It has affected millions of people all over the world. Some of the populations have a high risk of being malnourished depending upon their lifestyle, environment and resources.

 This blog will discuss the 5 signs of malnutrition. 

 Before getting into the 5 signs of malnutrition, let discuss in brief about the type of malnutrition. 

Types of malnutrition

 Undernutrition: It results from lack of calories, proteins or micronutrients. This leads to low weight for height etc.

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 Overnutrition: It results from overconsumption of certain nutrients such as calories, fats or proteins. This leads to overweight or obesity.

 Signs and Symptoms

 The signs and symptoms of malnutrition differ depending on the type.

 For Undernutrition

 Due to the low amount of nutrients in your body, you are likely to: 

1. Loss weight: Your weight might be not proportionate to your height, and this is due to malnutrition. So, try to eat well and get yourself checked to make sure you are working and improving on yourself. 

2.        Loss of muscle mass and fat: You may experience that your body looks skinny with any muscles or fat in it, and this is a sign of malnutrition. Eating the right diet can help you gain muscle mass and a bit of fat.  

3.   Get sunken eyes and hollow cheeks: Due to less intake of the right amount of food, your body is automatically weak which has a direct effect on your face. You may look weak with a thin face and sunken eye. When you notice this, try to get rest and eat well. 

4.   Fatigue: It’s obvious that when you don’t eat, you will feel weak. And, if you do not eat the right healthy food, you get tired, with no interest in exercise and rest your body. 

 Depression and anxiety: There may be many reasons why you have no appetite, depression and anxiety is always one of them. You do not eat well and to top it off, you do not sleep well, dive into deep thoughts etc. This makes you lose a lot of nutrients and vitamins in your body. 

 Look out for the effects, as you develop one or several of these symptoms. And, others have signature effects.

 Malnutrition has many warning signs and you need to look out for them.