5 Signs Someone Has An Eating Disorder

Some psychological conditions can deliver you an unhealthy food habit. Obsession with food, body weight, and body shape are the primary beginning of an eating disorder. Hence, you should know the signs of an eating disorder. Some signs are:

Thinking about body image

If you are spending a lot of time looking in the mirror and thinking about your body image then it’s an early sign of your eating disorder. If you are passing negative comments about your physical appearance then this is not at all a good thing. It can give you severe psychological problems as well. Insisting yourself as overweight can lead you towards an eating disorder.

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Go Wrong with Eating Patterns

  • You may have noticed that some people stop eating with their family, this can be an early sign of an eating disorder.  
  • And if you notice that you don’t like your previous enjoyable food then you should consult with your doctor. Fasting, gaining weight, calories and fat grams are the signal of an eating disorder.
  • If you are drinking an excessive amount of water or caffeine then this can be the sign of an eating disorder.

Body Shaming

Body shaming is the indirect cause of a major eating disorder. Every woman and young girls want to maintain a certain body type, and that’s giving them a huge pressure to change the food habit. So, this can be a prime reason for losing weight or weight gaining, so definitely this body-shaming is the major reason for any eating disorder. Not only it will give you an eating disorder but it can also cause you depression.

Eating alone

If you are on a road trip then you cannot bring all the food from the market, so you have to adjust with everyone, but if someone is singling oneself from the group, then it is the sign of an eating disorder. Even when someone suppresses their hunger or eats less food, then it is going to be a serious concern. And this noticeably small amount of eating foods or completely refuses to eat is the sign of an eating disorder.

Sickness Arrival

If you notice some sickness before or after your meal, then it can be a sign of your eating disorder. If you have stomach issues very often then it’s an early sign of your eating disorder. You can notice that if someone is binging or in strict restriction, then the person will have headaches, low blood pressure, tiredness, e.t.c. So, these are also some signs of an eating disorder.

In various cases, eating disorder can give some serious health conditions and if it is not treated properly then death is the only result. Therefore, these five signs will help you to understand about eating disorders.