5 Skin Care Apps For At-Home Dermatology

It is not always possible to consult a dermatologist for your skin problems. Besides, it is not always necessary to see a doctor for every little skin issue. Because as you know seeking advice from a dermatologist is an expensive affair. What if you can get the basic help from a skincare app? Nothing can be better than that right. That's why you will get to know about some Skincare apps for at-home dermatology. 


Curology is an App that helps you find the perfect skincare regime for your skin. People of different skin types have different sets of skin concerns. With the help of skincare apps like curology, you will be able to identify as well as treat them at home. Some times teenagers find it difficult to identify their skin type. Knowing your healthy skin type is very important. Without knowing it you won't be able to run treatments on it. With the help of Curology, you will be able to pick up a suitable skincare regimen for your skin according to the skin type. Curology is not a free app though, after a one month trial you have to start paying $19.95 a month. 

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Unlike the The other one, SkyMD app is free. You can download it from either play store or apple store. That means it is supported by both android and iPhones. This app has a rating of 5 on both platforms. The high rating tells itself that how good this app is. Sometimes a little information is all that needed for a skin concern. It's not always necessary to visit a dermatologist. With the help of this app, you can have opinions of several dermatologists at the same time. You can chat with them any time you want and take advice from them. In this app, you can chat with multiple dermatologists at a time to consider different opinions. 


Musely is the second-most top-rated app out there on the internet after SkyMD. This one has a rating of 4 for android phones and 5 for iPhones. This app offers you a prescription for your skin concerns. You can buy medicines according to the prescriptions. Which is even more special about this app is that it monitors your progress even after assisting you with your skin concerns. By clicking only one button you can even have a one-on-one chat with a dermatologist. 

First Derm 

First Derm is also a free app. Android users can download it from play store and iPhone users can download it from the apple store. It has a rating of 3 for android phones whereas for iPhones it has a rating of 4. The special feature of this app is that you can talk or chat with a dermatologist under total anonymity. There are people in this earth who are shy to discuss their problems with anyone. This feature will come handy for them.

These are some of the skincare apps that will help you achieve great skin.