5 Strength Training Benefits For Ageing Bodies

But only staying active doesn't cut it, you have to that extra mile to ensure your fitness, even at old age, is at its best form. Here's a list of five reasons on how strength training can benefit the seniors of our world –

Improves balance

One of the first things that should be a priority for the ageing people, is to have a balance in their bodies. As you grow old and your bone mass and body stability start to dampen, you might notice that you have very less control over your body and often loose balance of it altogether. This is where strength training comes in and rescues you from losing balance and falling face down on the ground. Doing workouts which improve your balance also activate and improve your flexibility and mobility and strengthens your core.

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Improvement in muscle mass and metabolism

Having proper metabolism is one of the most significant advantages of strength training as it is a plays a critical factor in our success. Our bodies always need a certain amount of calorie intake to function correctly, and anything more will result in obesity which is the last thing you are going to need in old age. And a less metabolism rate will lead you to starvation mode, which in turn will make you weak, and that's not something that you want. Always remember three things, eat your breakfast because when you wake up after a long night, your body is empty and skipping this meal or food would only give negative results. Always only eat in your daily activities. And stop skipping meals.

Reduces symptoms of osteoarthritis

Arthritis, one of the most common problems of old age in which knee, which is probably the most complex bone joint in our body, pains are very severe. Your leg carries about two-thirds of your body's weight whenever you are walking, and in old age, whenever you have too much pressure on it, it makes you vulnerable to possible knee pain or osteoarthritis. 

Better sleep

This is probably the most important thing you need in your old age, and that is, a lot of rest which comes from a good amount of sleep and a complete sleep cycle. A strength training workout can leave you feeling quite tired, and that's where the sleep comes in. When you are tired, your body automatically starts desiring for a good resting time which you have to deliver to give your body time to heal.

More independence

Strength training is a great way to earn more freedom for yourself which helps you a lot in old age as you don't have to rely on anyone to do your work. When you are fit, it means that you can do most of your work on your own and don't have to bother anyone else or ask for assistance from anyone.