5 Summer Food That To Help You Stay Healthy And Fit

Here is a list of five summer food that will help you stay all three: cool, healthy and fit -


Summer heats are all about keeping yourself hydrated and not run pout of water in your body. What better way could there be to do that, other than having refreshing and juicy watermelons. A lesser-known fact about watermelons is that, the red hues an indication of its concentrated lycopene, which has similar heart-protecting qualities that are in tomatoes. A trick to absorb a larger amount of lycopene is to eat it with some sort of a fat, so you can add olive and grill it for a different and better experience.

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Iced tea

Tea of any kind has several health benefits in them and the iced tea branch is no different than the rest of its kind. It is known for a fact that black and green tea both have in them a lot of disease-fighting abilities or to be precise, antioxidants. Green tea also possesses the quality of protecting your skin in the sun, which is hotter in the summers. Here's a pro tip - if you want a healthy brew, always prepare it yourself as you will have the control of the flavor and also sweetness.


Summer indicates towards stove free meals and preparing a salad bowl is one of the healthiest (and easiest, if we may add) non-cooking things that you can prepare. And another huge advantage of salad is that it gives you room for creativity; get funky with the recipe, add different types of vegetables (mind your taste buds) and all types of fruits are always welcome to join, mix some healthy fats such as nut and if you prefer, add to the menu some lean protein such as hard-boiled eggs (not necessary).


Summer gives the platform to all types of fruit and vegetables and different kinds of berries are just top of the list. Another pro tip - all the seeds that you see, they indicate that most of the berries are have high quantity fiber, for example - an average of 1 cup raspberries have around 8 grams whilst a cup of blueberries might have 4 grams. Another huge advantage of berries is that they have low sugar content and also fewer calories, so gives you a lot of opportunities to have that summer body that you desire.


Corn is one of those things that we underestimate its abilities. Corn is much healthier than we think. It contains lutein and something known ass zeaxanthin which is two types of nutrients proven to be very good for your eyes. One corn ear consists of around 60 calories and also 2 grams fiber. So next time, don't feel too bad about getting some corn on the cob.